Air Purifier: Effective Smoke Reducer


Smoke in the household is becoming one of the most serious causes of health problems that can occur inside a home. It is not just related to tobacco products, but also wildfire and other sources of smoke have become a major concern. 

Because of the emerging modern technology, the best air purifier for smoke can highly reduce the risks of being exposed to allergens, decrease carbon dioxide in your household, and lessen the risk of their side effects. 

Can Air Purifiers Handle Smoke?

Not just first and secondhand smoke are dangerous. It is important to note that thirdhand smoke is as dangerous as the other ones. Based on the study of the National Environmental Health Association, thirdhand smoke possesses a great hazard. It is caused by pollutants that are re-emitted by dust particles that can be inhaled, and it can combine with compounds in the atmosphere to produce toxic compounds on the surface.

A strong air purifier can relieve asthma symptoms, lower the risk of being exposed to airborne diseases and toxic chemicals from indoor environments such as radon and asbestos particles. It can neutralize offensive odours and can also enhance sleep.

The best air purifier for smoke has a powerful air filter to eliminate cigarette smoke and cigar odour. Other basic air purifiers can eliminate airborne allergens like the air purifiers specifically designed for smoke. But the air purifier for smoke is more effective in eliminating heavy and compacted smoke odours. With this equipment, owners can get rid of tobacco smoke and unwanted odour and purify the air in their room to not scent like an aerosol spray or retain secondhand smoke.

By using air purifiers to trap cigarette smoke, you can effectively avoid lung problems. Cigarette smoking can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Activated carbon, which becomes rigid at extreme temperatures, is used in an advanced air purifier. All of the air pollutions can be absorbed by the surface that it produces, reducing the likelihood of lung disease and other health disorders.

Specifications to Find the Best Air Purifier

The best air purifier for smoke in the market has the ability to remove allergens such as specks of dust, moulds, pollen, smoke, and even viruses. Modern air purifiers like the Medical Grade True HEPA filter are scientifically proven to remove almost 99.99% of atmospheric allergens that can cover a room up to 1000 square feet. Aim to get an air purifier with a long-life duration of the main and carbon filters.

Best Filters for Air Purifiers

High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filters were developed in America and extensively improved by research and intensive monitoring. Carbon and formaldehyde are commonly used for gas removal, but it does not perform as expected in warm weather. It has established a revolutionary treatment to address these issues and to ensure the best level and protection. It is important to remember that the HEPA filter can be removed with two extra carbon filters if there is any debris or bad smells.


Air purifiers designed for addressing smoke problems are more powerful than basic ones. These air purifiers can clean the surrounding atmosphere, lowering the risk of chronic diseases aggravated by indoor pollution, which can activate lung infections, cognitive disorders or intensify people with asthma. 

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