Aluminum Window Repair [Beginner’s Guide]


Aluminum windows are quite friendly and common in today’s world. However, a simple accident can cause the glass to break. The reparation volet like aluminum must be done to keep the home secured from outside.

Serrurier calling is a common scenario for aluminum window repair. Our suggestion is to do it yourself. All you need is a proper beginner’s guide to take you through the whole process.

Here is a quick step by step guideline to help you in repairing aluminum windows.

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How to Repair Aluminum Window: A Beginner’s Guide

There can be several reasons behind an aluminum window glass to crack. This will lead you to repair the glass or replace it. It is always best to repair the aluminum window on your own.

It can be a bit tough in the beginning. But repairing aluminum windows on your own can be quite satisfying and save you a lot of money.

You will also not need any special set of skills to repair the window. All you will require are this 4-step approach. These steps are designed for any beginner. You remove the broken pieces, fix it, and reattach the window to its place. Eventually, you will have an aluminum window as good as new.

Step 1: Remove the Old Aluminum Window

It is extremely easy to repair the glass that is on the part where the slide is in your aluminum window. To remove the window, first, you will have to lift the bottom part. Then swing the lifted part toward you. This way, you will easily remove the window.

Moreover, there could be a roller in the upper area. You will have to remove screws from there before lifting and removing the window.

If your window is stationary, you will have to remove the slider first. After that, you can unscrew the bar at the center that holds the aluminum window. You can tap the sides by using the mallet. Then, use the mallet again to tap the window out from its place gently.

Step 2: Remove the Glass

Before removing the glass, you should put on protective gear. This includes wearing masks, goggles, and hand gloves, and should be a screw at the bottom left corner of the window frame. There should be another one at the top right corner.

Unscrew both of them to break the window into two halves. Then tap the glass gently on one side by using the mallet. Repeat the same process from the other side. Remove the gasket and finally clean it thoroughly before putting on the frame.

Step 3: Select the New Glass

Now you will have to select the perfectly shaped and sized glass to fit into the frame. It is important to select the correct size and decide between single or double strength glass. A single strength glass is less thick than a double strength glass. This thickness will determine the fit to the window frame.

Step 4: Fit the New Glass in the Aluminum Window

To fit the glass in the window, first put the glass on a table. You should put it in a way where there should be one short and one long side hanging over. These are the slides where the rubber gasket should tightly fit on.

After that, one half of the frame should be put on the glass. You can tap the corner areas with a mallet to fit properly. After this, secure the short and long sides in their place by tapping them firmly.

When this is done, move the glass in a way that the other two sides hang on the table. Repeat the same process. Continue with the process until the frame is set firmly. After that, replace the corner screws with newer ones. The final stage is to just re-hang the aluminum window to its place.

If your window is stationary aluminum, you will need to replace the channel and reattach the center bar in its previous place. And then secure the sliding window in a proper fitting.


A broken window should not be a cause of your headache. Several expert locksmiths around you can help you in fixing the problem. However, it is best if you follow this beginner’s guide on aluminum window repair. The steps are easy and safe. You can also save a lot of money.

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