Are Stauer watches good: Why should you get one


Stauer makes affordable watches that are in most cases attractive according to public review. What makes the watches greater is the quality within affordability. Michael Bisceglia started making stauer watches back in 2001.

Although it has been a long time since then, the popularity of the watches is going to the peak day by day. Where most affordable wristwatch brand doesn’t put importance on quality, the stauer’s main demand is quality.

Since the evolution of this watch brand, it’s has provided jewelry-type watches with different designs. Today we’ll tell you how this watch brand made the name and how the journey started.

Is Stauer a good watch for men

When you are getting a watch within $200, you may question the quality first up. It’s hard to find top-quality products within this price range. But the stauer has guaranteed quality by keeping the price level low.

The affordability is the main reason why people moved to stauer watch. Especially, the blend of quality and affordability is something that is rarely seen. Here’re reasons why Stauer watches are good for men according to watchax.

  • Stauer makes affordable watches.
  • The watches come with quality ensured.
  • Both analog and digital display watches are available.
  • Offers water resistance up to 10 ATMs.
  • Accurate timekeeping with Japanese quartz movement.
  • Stainless steel body construction.
  • Leather straps to take the daily works.

Affordability with quality

Affordability is the main reason why people choose watches from stauer. Actually, the case is not that stauer is the only brand that makes affordable watches. But there’s a specialty in Stauer watches, of course.

Talking about the specialty of stauer watches, we have to mention the quality. Quality products are typically expensive, or more specifically not much affordable. But what about Stauer watches?

The manufacturer decided to provide the mass people the taste of the world’s renowned watch brands within their capacity. However, they didn’t compromise the quality to cross-cut the price section.

It made the watches highly affordable and quality-ensured at the same time.

The construction quality of Stauer watches

When we’re talking about the quality, let’s talk about the construction quality a bit.

If you look at the most expensive watches in the world, you won’t get anything other than a stainless steel case. It’s the first thing, Stauer did in their watches. Moreover, they maintained a classical vibe with the leather straps.

A leather strap with a crocodile pattern is one of the most classical types of watch straps. They did manage to get both these two things in their watches with perfection.

Increased durability with waterproofing

Whenever you look at any modern smartwatch or other expensive watches, the waterproofing takes a permanent place there. Why Stauer would stay behind in this list? They have so far done a marvelous job in this field as well.

The waterproof rating of their watches ranges from 3 to 10 ATMs. It means you can take watch 30 to 100 meters deep in the water. And using it in the rain or coming in contact with a sudden water splash won’t damage the watch for sure.

When Stauer started the journey

Long story short, Stauer started making wristwatches back in 2001. It was Michael Bisceglia, who thought of making affordable jewelry that can go to the doors of mass people. He got the idea of making from buying a piece of expensive jewelry for his wife.

Once he bought an expensive bracelet for his lovable wife. But the problem was the price was way more than the expectation. Returning from there, he took the bracelet to a local jewelry shop in Bali.

He could easily make a replica of that expensive jewelry and even improve the design a bit. From this real-life experience, he identified that people spend too much money on unnecessary jewelry.

Therefore, he decided to make something that works as jewelry and a handy regular usable thing as well. Thus, Stauer started their journey of making quality-ensured and affordable wristwatches.

Where are Stauer watches made

Stauer is a Swiss watch brand, and it makes most of the watches in Switzerland. However, they also have a factory in Hong Kong, which is a sign of their spread business of watchmaking.

Since the beginning of their watch making the journey, they are using the Swiss quartz movement. But as they created a factory in Hong Kong, they started using Japanese quartz in their watches.

They don’t wholesale any of their collections; rather utilize the quality for sake of the users. The jewelry parts used in their watches are bought at a cheaper rate from the vendor. As they buy the products in a greater quantity, the price becomes low.

Therefore, they could provide better output to the users at an affordable price range.

How affordable are Stauer watches

The main point of choosing Stauer watches is affordability. But many of us want to know what actually the price range is. Even the most expensive watch from Stauer won’t cost you more than $200.

However, the watches that cost down to $60 are also available in this brand. The good thing about the low cost is that it doesn’t cause any downgrade to the quality.

Which movement do Stauer watches use

Typically, Stauer watches use two different movements, Swiss and Japanese quartz. Both these movement ensures great accuracy. In a quality watch, everyone searches for timekeeping accuracy.

However, the confusion arises whenever you get on within the $100 to $200 price range. Stauer has successfully used both these quartz movements to provide better accuracy to their users.

Final verdict

If you are still confused about thinking how Stauer watches are good, I would suggest trying one leaving that one you are wearing right now. It’s a watch brand that thinks about mass people. It lets the majority of the users get a top-grade watch feel.

Therefore, spending something for quality and a better feel won’t be a loss any day.

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