Be the Most Astonishing June Bride with the New Elegant Trends on Wedding Dresses this 2021


Have you been dreaming of becoming a June Bride? Many people wonder why many people are getting married in June.  It is because the name June is from the Roman goddess of marriage Juno.

It is why many families believe that marriages that are held during this month would be blessed with eternal happiness. However, there are also people who think that it’s because of the fair weather this month.

What should wedding dress styles be on top of your list?

The moment you walk into a wedding dress store, it’ll leave you speechless because of the number of dresses that you can choose from. There are varieties of tulle and lace wedding dress that can leave you confused on which of them is the one. 

You must understand that by choosing a wedding dress, you are making a statement of saying goodbye to singlehood and getting ready to form a family. So your wedding dress must reflect maturity, readiness and courage. Looking back into the wedding dress trends in the past year, here are the most timeless and most mesmerizing bridal looks that you must include on your list.

The ever-timeless lace

You will never go wrong with lace. It is the most timeless bridal style that consistently tops everyone’s lists ever since. This year, many designers such as Christian Dior and Naeem Khan showcased several fashion shows that tried to reinvent the traditional lace wedding dress. Are you wondering what changed? Different patchworks of laces (See Tom Ford’s patchwork) can bring out a new different vibe. If you are leaning toward this bridal style, it’s best to make sure that it has an authentic and soft feature that is not overpowering.

Simple and Clean

For those brides who prefer simplicity, this is the right choice for you. Wedding dresses are more than embroideries and external features. It is more on how it reflects your personality. The perfect way to describe this style is – less is more. This look is all about the cut of the dress, styling and good fitting with the results of good tailoring. Avery Austin offers a variety of simple yet elegant wedding dresses.


This bridal style screams independent woman coming through! Pantsuits are now on-trend as a wedding dress. Other than its comfort, it brings out an aura of strength for the bride. With a great fit and different plays on patterns, you can be the most badass June bride!

Bold Prints

Who says wedding dresses are only meant to be white? This trend is all about making the dress shine like a burst of sunshine in the Spring season of June. Brides who have bright and playful personalities can be into this. It’s more than just playing with pops of colours and florals – it leans more on the idea of playing on different textiles and having fun even for moments just like your wedding.

Short Dresses

With the restrictions of the pandemic this year, many weddings have faced the catastrophes of being cancelled or getting rescheduled. That’s why a lot of couples have resorted to making a mini wedding ceremony.

Plan your ‘I do’ wisely!

Planning for your wedding might be the most nerve-racking moment of your life. But always remember that weddings are a celebration of a union that doesn’t need to impress anyone other than the married couple.

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