Best neighborhoods to find accommodation in New York City


New York is a very glamorous city, with large skyscrapers with panoramic views, but it also has the best destination for any kind of person looking for accommodation. Whether you like art, nightlife, theater or gourmet restaurants, visiting New York is definitely the ideal option.

The first thing you should do when you arrive is to go to Manhattan, everything you may need is close to the subway stations and bus stops. It is the easiest city to navigate, each of its streets are numbered and the people who live there are very friendly. But, if we have not managed to convince you, here is a list of our three neighborhoods near New York that could make you fall in love.

Lower manhattan

Since New York is quite a big city, not to say huge, it might take you some time to decide which of its locations to stay in. In this case, Manhattan and the low Manhattan are the best neighborhoods that offer many fun things to do, despite being known as a financial center.

It is located in the south of the city and is the oldest neighborhood in New York. During the week it is one of the busiest neighborhoods, thousands of people move there daily to work, so if you visit the city for business reasons this is the ideal location for you.

Instead, on weekends, you can find great outdoor spaces to have a good time. Tourists are visible in lower Manhattan as they want to see with their own eyes the new World Trade Center and the museum dedicated to 9/11. Near this area are good hotels, shops and luxury hotels.


Although New York City has much to offer, the downtown area is in the heart of this city and vibrates at a different rate than the rest, it has tall and emblematic buildings as well as exquisite gastronomic proposals. In the opinion of many travelers and tourists, Midtown is the most cheerful neighborhood to stay near New York, it is conformed in turn by the famous theaters of Broadway and Time Square.

Finding a hotel here must be done in advance, since they are quickly occupied by being close to various transportation options.

Additionally, the bars and restaurants will immediately catch your eye, the cordiality is unsurpassed and the prices for drinks and snacks are affordable. Midtown is a great area for sightseeing, seeing nice skyscrapers, and being within a fairly safe residential area.

Soho and Tribeca

Although it is not the place to look for cheap accommodation, Soho in New York is an experience that you cannot miss. It is located south of Washington Square Park, right next to Greenwich Village. For its part, the Tribeca area is a little more towards the center.

In both neighborhoods there will be no lack of fun, and neither will the fashion stores of great designers, it is the perfect place for people with exquisite tastes and with greater purchasing power. In Soho, large galleries, street vendors and a passion for decoration coexist.

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