BIM Service Providers Add Value to Your Building Construction Projects


Construction projects do not always go according to the plan. It means that the traditional approach can’t guarantee a 100% result in every single case. Some companies like have started offering alternative solutions to their corporate clients.

Technological innovations in construction can offer many advantages for the industry. Being a relatively new technologic solution, BIM has already given immense value to the project owners through its digitally advanced features. Quick iteration of design, accurate business management, early clash-detection, use of centralized models, and improved team coordination offered by BIM strategies happen to be the tip of the iceberg.

Do you want to learn how BIM helps in construction projects? Keep reading to find out!

Problems Solved through BIM Strategies

Many companies rely on 2D plans and outdated communication technologies to manage their construction projects. This approach can hardly guarantee a successful result to them. A single inaccuracy at the planning stage can delay construction works and increase your budget expenses.

BIM is an intelligent 3D-based modeling mechanism that can take your construction project to the next level. A well-established 3D BIM model can help you organize, design, and manage construction more efficiently. Eventually, you will waste fewer resources on:

  • Unrealistic or doubtful ideas;
  • High possibility of budget increase;
  • Long-lasting manual operations;
  • Ineffective communication channels;
  • Issues associated with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Sudden design clashes at different construction levels.

BIM strategies can help you overcome the above issues by sticking to certain quality standards. They keep the entire construction project under thorough maintenance. Thus, the possibility of future conflicts will hardly emerge.

Benefits Determining BIM Value

Considering the growing trend of BIM services, the market is getting full of providers. Their contribution to construction projects is determined by multiple benefits.

  • Marketing presentation: High-quality visual content, 4D construction simulations, online data logistics, and innovative animations aim to secure bids with help of 3D BIM marketing presentations. BIM service providers aim to make effective project presentations for competitive bidding.
  • Lowered risk through simulation: Apart from being a 3D mapping instrument, BIM offers some detailed overlays like time, cost, and energy. This way, it encourages easy simulation of entire data elements that are involved in the project realization. For example, simulation helps identify whether a particular window will have more shade and hence have a lower energy gradient.
  • 3D visualization: This technologic approach has a direct impact on a design vision, before construction and development. 3Ds max and Revit are used by BIM service providers to prepare BIM models. Once professional animation and standard visuals are used along with artificial lighting and textures, the project starts looking more realistically. In other words, everything starts from abstract to photorealistic visualization.
  • 3D modeling: BIM service providers deliver 3D models to minimize or completely eliminate major system conflicts before the installation. By bringing collaborative and well-coordinated 3D models to the spotlight, construction companies have an opportunity to check possible interferences among building systems. At this point, efficient and accurate project planning can be started.
  • Clash & coordination: BIM service providers take responsibility for re-routing utilities and re-sizing of elements for clash identification. By coordinating the construction process, they pay special attention to building geometry, design elements, spatial links, geographic data, maintenance statistics, financial budget, and some other processes. This way, BIM service providers the entire construction project by trying to boost productivity, deliver an excellent result, and meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Laser scanning: BIM service providers are responsible for reliability and quality assurance. By making accurate 3D models based on scan data, they have to pay special attention to extensions and renovations. Scanning BIM models is known as an effective way of developing detailed design work. With the collected information, BIM service providers start creating visual plans, as well as developing section sheets for different disciplines.
  • Time management: BIM service providers help establish strong time management. By following the fixed project plan, construction companies can save time for design, development, and construction.   For example, documentation is managed on the design development stage not to miss important details. BIM’s database keeps an accurate schedule and encourages smooth communication to avoid any project delay.

BIM Contribution to Construction Projects

BIM service providers help business companies create smart models and coordinate every aspect of the project realization, namely design, development, and construction. With the well-established BIM strategy, it will be easier to avoid constructability issues like a work stoppage, rework, and wastage of resources.

BIM service providers use design disciplines to collaborate perfectly as a single information platform. Throughout the construction process, they tend to monitor work processes, eliminate flaws, validate visual aesthetics, and enhance building performances.

The value of BIM strategies is hiding in their accuracy, revision management, data integration, quality detailing, and high productivity. Well-coordinated models help the engineers, managers, and consultants try different interferences. The main point is to find better project planning and minimize potential delays in construction processes.

Do you want to improve the design, coordination, and construction management of a school, shopping mall, or any other building project? Choose a BIM service provider to carry on with your plan.

Final Word

Today, construction projects can hardly be successful without innovative solutions. The use of BIP strategies happens to be one of them. It can improve the overall communication with the construction team, reduce the design timeline, and optimize the overall costs.

BIM is a serious network that involves professionals from various areas like engineering, architecture, construction, and management who collaborate on the same building model. Its efficiency has already been proved by experts from all over the world. Thus, more and more business companies start realizing the potential of integrating BIM into the corporate construction project.

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