Car Locksmith Vs. Door Locksmith – Don’t Confuse Between The Two!


A car locksmith repairs old or damaged car locks, installing new keys to match a driver’s vehicle key and replacing ignition switches. A car locksmith may also work with the wiring inside the vehicle itself. A door locksmith installs and repairs lock sets on homes or businesses. The most common service a door locksmith offers is repairing damaged doorknobs and handles. Some other services that a door lock locksmith would offer are installing security hardware such as window brackets, wall anchors, etc., and installing deadbolts and locking devices for safes.

Lock installation:

A door locksmith installs and repairs both locksets on homes or businesses and car locks. A car locksmith works exclusively on car locks. An automotive locksmith is an automotive service technician specializing in handling and repairing automotive locks, ignition switches, keyless entry fobs, and transponder keys. Because of the nature of the automotive industry, it is common for an automotive locksmith to be well rounded, allowing them to handle any situation that might arise from a customer’s new or old vehicle.

Lockout service:

Whether a door locksmith or an automotive locksmith can perform services on a locked-out vehicle depends on the type of car being serviced and the state laws. A car locksmith will only unlock a vehicle and do any repairs necessary after the customer has paid in full. A door locksmith will not only unlock the door but may also perform repairs to install new locks if needed. If a locksmith can open up a locked vehicle without having to cut it open or break into it, he is legally and adequately performing lockout service.

Key cutting:

A car locksmith will not cut a key; he will program it from the vehicle’s key. Therefore, you can easily hire a professional locksmith in Grand Prairie. On the other hand, a door locksmith may cut a key and use that to program new keys for the customers that may be needed if the original one is lost or broken. 

Keyless entry:

A car locksmith may install keyless entry into a vehicle but will not work on a customer’s home. A door locksmith will install a complete keyless entry system for a customer’s home or business. A car locksmith will respond to callouts only if required by law to do so. For example, suppose a customer is experiencing an issue with his vehicle and decides to call the police. In that case, the police can force the car locksmith who arrives at the crime scene to open up the vehicle for them or risk being held in Contempt of Court if he refuses. It does NOT apply to a door locksmith because he is not law enforcement. 


A car locksmith will rekey one or a few locks on a customer’s vehicle or the ignition. A door locksmith will install a complete lock set on a customer’s home or business, requiring all new keys. A car locksmith would likely use the same key to cut new keys for this job.

Aside from the information mentioned above, the main differences between a car locksmith and a door locksmith are the type of services each provides. A door locksmith can service every part of their customer’s property, such as doors, combination safes, cabinets, garages, and windows. An automotive locksmith, although he may service these areas, mainly deals with vehicles and locked-up vehicles.

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