Learn About the Merchant’s House Museum

the Merchant’s House Museum building in New York

The city’s museums and galleries are among its most powerful draws. The American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art all house massive collections and host spectacular exhibitions. When you combine these with the numerous galleries throughout the city, visiting New York becomes … Read more

Learn About the Frick Collection

the front facade of the Henry Frick House

The Big Apple is a thriving metropolis full of life. Its main attractions have been featured in so many blockbuster movies that most visitors will recognize and even feel they know the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square before visiting them. Perhaps less well-known to tourists are the city’s … Read more

Learn About the Museum of Chinese in America

a woman passing by the front facade of the Museum of Chinese in America with posters on the windows

American museums house some of the world’s best art collections and some of the biggest assemblages of works. While the beloved National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are must-see cultural institutions, there are more museums to discover across the country. The Museum … Read more

Learn About the New York Transit Museum

historic New York subway cars on display at the New York transit museum

One significant event in New York in 1976 was the creation of The New York Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn, but Brooklyn Museum is another thing. When entering this historic subway station, don’t hope to catch a train. The main museum of The New York Transit Museum is housed in an authentic … Read more

Learn About the Jewish Museum

Learn About the Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is regarded as one of the best museums of its kind. Tens of thousands of original pieces, ranging from artwork by contemporary Jewish artists to ancient cultural artifacts, are housed in its permanent collection, which is organized in a comprehensive overview of the Jewish experience. This museum can compete … Read more

Learn More About the Morgan Library and Museum

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One of the top museums in New York City, there is a museum and research library called The Morgan Library & Museum, originally known as the Pierpont Morgan Library. It is located at 225 Madison Avenue, between 36th Street and 37th Street to the south and north, respectively. The Morgan Library & … Read more

Learn More About the Brooklyn Museum

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In the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City, there is an art gallery called the Brooklyn Museum. Among the top Museums to visit in New York, the Brooklyn Museum has the third-largest physical footprint in New York City at 560,000 square feet, or 52,000 m2, and has a collection of art that … Read more

Learn More About the City Museum of New York

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In Manhattan, New York City, New York, there is a history and art museum called The Museum of the City of New York. Henry Collins Brown established it in 1923 with the goal of preserving and showcasing the history of New York City and its inhabitants. On the Upper East Side of … Read more