Choosing the Right Size for Your Weighted Blanket


Buying a weighted blanket has become a common practice because of its multiple health and sleeping benefits. Still, not everyone knows how to get the perfect blanket for them. Weight is the biggest concern. Your blanket should be 10% of your body weight so that it can distribute the pressure all over you.

While the proper weight is necessary, you cannot rely on this single factor to make a difference in your life. You also have to think of the blanket size. A too-long or too-short comforter fails to cover your body correctly. Simultaneously, it can influence your sleep quality based on whether you are a restless sleeper or you aim to cover only a specific part of the body.

In the market, you come across a twin, king, and queen size weighted blanket. If you sleep on a queen size mattress, you can choose the last option hesitation-free. A full queen size blanket would remain on you despite the frequency of your tossing and turning in sleep. You can share it with your partner also. If you sleep with your spouse, and both have the matching weighted blanket choices, a queen size can serve your purpose. However, if you use a single or twin size bed, it would be better to look for smaller versions. A queen size can be too big for you and your mattress.

Things to Keep in Mind When Sizing Your Weighted Blanket

Whether you choose a queen-size or some other blanket, you need to buy one that fits your body size. It should be a perfect fit for your height and width in the sense that it covers you well from chin to toe. Since it is not a regular blanket, you need to pay attention to length and width a bit more so that it can apply optimal pressure for your sleep needs. Hence, a blanket that adequately covers your body is what you should look for.

Additionally, when two people use it together, both have to be comfortable with the weighted blanket choice. In this case, knowing your partner’s preferences is crucial. It can help you decide on its weight and size. For sharing purposes, a queen or king-size is ideal. However, since it is one of the larger options, you may need to pay a higher price.

Other Factors to Consider

One thing that can impact a blanket’s weight is the type of fillers used. If you want to buy premium quality, glass bead fillings are undoubtedly the best choice. These won’t lead to lumping issues. Plus, you can have a consistent and smooth experience. Then, the material of the weighted blanket can also matter. For a cold sleeper, a fleece-based fabric makes a reliable choice. It keeps you warm while still feeling soft and light. As for the appearance, you can pick your favorite color from the available options to add some vibrant vibes to your sleep-friendly environment.

Once you figure out everything, you should not face any challenge buying a weighted blanket that is correctly sized for you.

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