Content Pitches

So, you’d like to write for New York Spaces? Awesome! We’re always looking for new voices to contribute valuable and insightful content to our site!  Fill our our contact us form to get in touch.

Pitching Tips

  • Be sure to spend some time reading our site before pitching to familiarize yourself with our content, tone, and scope—and to make sure that we haven’t already covered the story you’re planning to pitch. Also make sure you check out all of our content and visualizations. Thats an important part of what makes us a great site!
  • Keep your pitch short—one or two paragraphs max. If you are an expert on the pitched subject, tell us that and why?
  • Be sure to include a link to your portfolio and/or a couple samples of your work. Please do not send file attachments.
  • Do not pitch or send completed articles.

Pitches We Can Use

Rankings and Statistical Data

Interesting rankings and statistical data is can be very valuable and insightful. If you have access to a quality and trustworthy source of data that you can pick a post for we will definitely be willing to take it into consideration. We will be especially interested in how the data can be visualized in charts, graphs and infographics.

In Depth Features

In depth features take a deep dive into a particular topic. Often they will cover the history, interesting facts and more about a topic as well and provide interesting data points. If you have a particular topic you would like to do an in-depth feature on provide a detailed outline of what will be covered.

Pitches We Can’t Use

  • Short, timely news stories
  • First-person articles or personal essays
  • Fiction, memoir, or poetry
  • Current politics or political opinion
  • Stories based solely on PR pitches

What to Include in Your Pitch

For Rankings and Statistical Data:

  • A possible headline
  • A short description of your subject and why you want to write about it
  • Description of the data to be utilized
  • A brief bio and two or three links to relevant clips

For In Depth Features:

  • A possible headline
  • One to two paragraphs explaining the topic and what will be covered
  • Potential sources you will consult or interview
  • A brief bio and two or three links to relevant clips


If your content is going to be sponsored for a particular product or service, contact us to discuss sponsor rates. Also note that all content will be marked as sponsored including any links.

Fill our our contact us form to get in touch.