Dealing With a Child with Emotional or Behavioral Problem



Just like adults, children also face emotional challenges from time to time. Growing up involves feelings of emotional extremes or sadness. Inevitability is conflicts between young ones and their parents. It occurs during adolescence as children try to find their identities. They are normal behavioral changes that occur during their growth and development. These problems tend to be more common when there is a change in the family, for instance, a move, the death of a family member, or the birth of a new child. The problems generally tend to fade away without necessarily seeking the help of mental health Kentucky institutions.

However, at times, children may have inappropriate emotional and behavioral reactions to their life situations that persist. Realizing that your child needs to be seen by a professional can be frightening or painful to parents. Some parents even see it as a failure on their side. But the most important thing is to realize that your child needs help and find good psychiatrists Louisville KY that can help. In this article, we tell you how to tell if your child has an emotional disorder or behavioral problems.

Where do you start?

Before you think of taking your child for a formal mental health examination, you should talk to your relatives, friends, or even their school to try and help them. You should also try to see whether other children also have the same issues and ask others for their suggestions. You may also need to learn better methods of supporting your child through tough times. You may consider the option of enrolling in classes to learn conflict resolution skills or behavior management. Chang the routine of the child at school or home may be necessary to determine whether the child’s self-esteem or performance will be improved by fine-tuning.

If your child’s problems are severe or don’t respond to home, community, or school interventions, you may need the child to undergo a diagnostic examination by one of several psychiatrists Louisville ky. Professional evaluation will reveal information that may help to diagnose the emotional, mental health, or behavioral disorder when combined with the information the parent already knows.

But the challenge that many parents face is recognizing when the child’s problem has reached an alarming point that requires a formal evaluation. What makes most parents is the realization that a child’s behavioral or emotional development is not where it should be.

The most important consideration that school-age parents need to make is to ask themselves the amount of distress your child causes you and other family members. If a child’s argumentative or aggressive behavior appears to be a major concern for the school or family members, then you should take a child for a professional evaluation, said Andre Chapman,  founder & CEO of Unity Care. Unity Care is the nurturing home that embraces, heals, and transitions foster youth toward adult lives of independence, well-being, and purpose. We are leading the way to eradicate homelessness and inspire hope for a brighter future.

Sharon Brehm, in Help for Your Child: A Parent’s Guide to Mental Health Services, shares three criteria for determining whether your child needs help or if their behavior is normal. They include the following:

  • Duration of bad behavior:Does the problem persist with no sign of them outgrowing it and progressing to a new stage?
  • Intensity:Although it is normal for children to throw tantrums, some could be extreme to the level that they frighten parents. If that is the case, then the child might need some specific interventions. You should particularly pay attention to the despair or hopeless feelings of your child. Also, if a child loses interest in friends, family, or activities they previously enjoyed doing or starts liking dangerous behaviors, it is a sure sign of needing professional help.
  •  The Child’s Age:Some behaviors may be considered normal for two-year-olds. However, observing children of the same age may enable you to know that the behavior isn’t appropriate. Children don’t necessarily attain the same emotional landmarks at the same time. However, when there is significant divergence from age-appropriate behaviors, you should be concerned.

Some of the emergencies that call for evaluation by top psychiatrists Louisville ky include suicide threats or attempts at injuring themselves, a severe withdrawal that interferes with the child’s ability to carry out their normal activities, and violent behaviors.

Seeking Help

After determining that your child’s behaviors are out of the ordinary and require the attention of psychiatrists Louisville ky, the next thing that you need to do is to determine where to get a diagnostic evaluation.

Your family doctor can eliminate physical health problems, perform a mental health check, and even refer you to an appropriate mental health Kentucky professional. Also, you can go to a hospital or a mental health center for comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for your child.

Another option is a school district. These can do mental health screenings and give you results to help you determine whether to get in touch with a medical expert for an evaluation.

There is no doubt that evaluations can be pricey, however, families can always seek financial support. Contact your insurance provider to determine whether they will cover all the evaluation costs or a part of it.

The Affordable Health Care Act requires marketplace health plans to cover children’s preventive services for free. This also includes behavioral assessments. If your child does not qualify for Medicaid, they can turn to the EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment) for preventive healthcare. This includes screening, diagnosis, and mental health Kentucky services.

Screening is a comprehensive health examination under EPSDT, and it also includes the emotional health of a child. Children are entitled to periodic screenings whenever a doctor suspects an emotional or physical problem. Also, they are entitled to receiving health services from any Medicaid health provider to treat such problems. Contact your local Medicaid office to be updated about the services covered under the EPSDT program.

Community mental health Kentucky centers can also be of great help and tend to be less expensive compared to going to private mental health practice.


Dealing with children with emotional or behavioral problems requires skills from the parent. And while behavioral changes are part of a child’s growth and development, it’s recommended to look out for odd behaviors that persist. When you recognize that your child requires professional attention, take your time to choose a top mental health Kentucky institution.

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