Different Instagram video formats that real estate marketers can choose from


Real estate marketing revolves around sharing property images and the reason why Instagram is the chosen platform for gaining maximum mileage. The all-visual platform of Instagram makes it the most befitting for real estate marketers who can post videos that can work wonders for them.  The ability to showcase properties in the most vivid ways on Instagram using images and videos gives a shot in the arm to real estate marketers. In addition, the scope for geotargeting and incorporating location data offers more opportunities for engagement.

As marketers are using video content for higher engagement, real estate marketers can reap the best returns. Consider that real estate listings that utilize videos receive four times more inquiries than those with images. You will understand the reason for the popularity of Instagram that provides numerous options for posting videos. All the video features allow uploading video content, and it is up to the user to decide which feature would be most suitable for the campaign.

It’s all about engagement

Instagram’s popularity stems from the high engagement generated on the platform, which goes up many more times by using videos.  Since high visibility is the reason for increased engagement, marketers are keen to garner maximum views for their videos in the shortest time which raises the possibility of videos going viral that provides high marketing returns. But gaining views organically takes time that marketers can hardly afford because the competition becomes intense every minute, and waiting for gathering views organically can throw them out of competition. So instead, to stay ahead of the curve, marketers prefer to buy Instagram views with real people behind them, generating genuine engagement and improving conversions.  Views are essential for video content in the same way as likes are essential for image-based content on Instagram.

Choose the proper video format

All video content is not alike. The variety of options of presenting videos on Instagram gives marketers endless opportunities to use their creativity to the hilt to move the audience and bring it closer to the brand through meaningful engagement. When developing your Instagram video marketing strategy, consider the kind of audience you want to target. Then, based on their online behavior, choose the video formats that seem to have the maximum effect in generating engagement.

Here are the different video formats that you will find on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

The feature of Instagram Stories is a replication of a similar feature introduced by Snapchat earlier and comprises of featuring 15 seconds videos that remain live for 24 hours.  You can record Stories by swiping right from the home screen or by tapping the plus icon followed by selecting Stories. Another option is to upload video content of the specified duration from the Photo Library.  Although Stories are live for 24 hours, you can save them to the highlights section of your profile that you will find just above the grid. To make Stories interactive, you can insert various elements like filters, tags, emojis, and stickers. You can use these elements on Q&A, product tags, and polls that ask to choose this or that.

Instagram feed video

Incorporating videos in the feed was the app’s primary feature, and you can add videos in the way you add images by uploading them from the Photo Library or using the built-in camera of the app. 60 seconds is the length of in-feed videos, which includes GIFs and Boomerang. Instagram feed videos can consist of a filter, caption, location as well as product tags.  People can engage with the videos and express their responses in likes and comments and even share public videos in direct messages and Stories.

Instagram Live

The only way to use Instagram Live is to stream videos shot with the in0-built camera of the app. The features have been in great demand during the Covid19 pandemic when virtual interactions became the chosen mode of interactions between businesses, clients or customers, and other stakeholders. Companies have held interviews, workshops, and more by using the feature of Instagram Live that saw its popularity skyrocket by 70% at the start of the pandemic between February and March 2020.


If you want to upload in-deed videos longer than 60 seconds, you must use IGTV or Instagram TV, and these must be pre-recorded videos that you can upload from your camera roll. Before posting the video, users can add a cover photo and even add the video to a series.  Providing a preview of 15 seconds to the feed is also possible.


Inspired by TikTok, the latest video format from Instagram by the name Reels is exclusively for 15-30 seconds videos uploaded from the Photo Library or creates with the app’s camera. In addition, effects like AR filters, timed text, timer and speed controls, green screen mode, and access to an audio library are available.


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