Dive into Arthur Avenue’s Authentic Italian Eats and Markets


Arthur Avenue, often referred to as the real Little Italy of New York, offers a delightful dive into authentic Italian cuisine and culture. Found in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx, this charming street buzzes with the sounds, smells, and sights of Italy, far from the tourist crowds of Manhattan. As you stroll down the avenue, you’re greeted by a world of savory delights from traditional bakeries, old-fashioned butchers, and fresh produce stands to trattorias serving up heaping plates of pasta. Each market and eatery on Arthur Avenue reflects generations of Italian-American heritage, promising an experience that’s as much about community and history as it is about food. Join in on a journey of culinary discovery, where every bite tells a story of family, tradition, and the enduring spirit of Italy in the heart of the Bronx.

Arthur Avenue As New York’s Real Little Italy

Often celebrated as the “real Little Italy” and setting itself apart from its Manhattan counterpart, Arthur Avenue is recognized as the genuine heart of Italian culture in New York. This distinction is rooted in its deep and authentic Italian experience, which resonates through its streets, markets, and eateries.

While Manhattan’s Little Italy has become a tourist attraction, Arthur Avenue has retained its authentic charm and continues to be a community-centric locale. It is where Italian-American families have been coming for generations to shop, dine, and celebrate their heritage. The personal touch in each family-owned business, the traditional recipes handed down through generations, and the emphasis on community over commercialism contribute significantly to its authentic Italian.

Peter’s Meat Market 

The Culinary Heartbeat of the Bronx

Standing as a testament to rich Italian heritage, Arthur Avenue is a bustling hub of culinary excellence. This vibrant epicenter of gastronomic delight stands as a symbol of the rich heritage embedded within its streets. Here, the air is thick with the aroma of fresh bread from old-world bakeries, the scent of handcrafted cheeses, and the vibrant colors of freshly picked produce at local markets. This avenue is more than just a place; it’s a living, breathing embodiment of Italian culinary tradition. Before even stepping foot into its famed trattorias and cafes, you’re enveloped by a sense of authenticity that tells stories of generations of family-owned businesses and recipes passed down and perfected over time. Moreover, Arthur Avenue’s commitment to preserving the essence of Italian cuisine and culture makes it the culinary heartbeat of the Bronx, where every corner turned, and every flavor tasted is a step further into the heart of real Italian living.

A Journey Through Arthur Avenue’s Italian Culinary

The vibrant street of this Avenue boasts some of the finest red sauce establishments in the city, alongside an array of exceptional delis and pastry shops. It’s a place where novelty aprons featuring cartoon Nonnas are just the beginning of its charm. While it’s hard to choose from so many outstanding options, we’ve curated a guide to the top 10 must-visit spots in the area. Arthur Avenue is a culinary wonderland, where every corner offers a taste of Italian heritage, and every visit leaves you craving more.

1. Tra Di Noi: A gem within Arthur Avenue, Tra Di Noi is celebrated for its passionate staff, who are incredibly knowledgeable about the daily specials, particularly seafood. The restaurant exudes a classic Italian-American atmosphere, complete with checkerboard tablecloths and a warm, welcoming environment. It’s an intimate space, with around ten tables, making reservations a wise choice for those wanting to indulge in an authentic Little Italy red sauce experience.

2. Cosenza’s Fish Market: Enjoying freshly shucked shellfish at Cosenza’s streetside oyster bar is a highlight in the neighborhood. Seasonal offerings range from Cherrystone clams to Kumamoto oysters, served with lemon and various condiments. Stand and savor these delicacies sidewalk-style for a genuinely local experience, and keep an eye out for special items like sea urchins.

3. Full Moon Pizzeria: At Full Moon Pizzeria, the allure of large New York-style pizza slices greets you upon entry. Not to be missed are their pocket-style offerings like calzones, rolls, or strombolis, boasting a crispy crust and oozy mozzarella with fillings like fresh broccoli or meats. The pizzeria is also known for its perfectly crispy cheese slices. Despite being a bustling counter-service venue, the efficient service ensures you’ll easily find a spot to enjoy your meal.

4. Calabria Pork Store: A salumi shop that is an experience known for the rich, sweet, musky aroma that greets you at the door. The shop is famous for its hundreds of hot soppressata hanging from the ceiling, creating a unique visual and gastronomic spectacle. It’s the go-to place for high-quality cured meats, with a particular specialty in hot soppressata, served on ciabatta or hero rolls. The store also carries rare finds like culatello, enhancing the culinary adventure for visitors.

5. Casa Della Mozzarella: Upon setting foot in Casa della Mozzarella, your goal becomes unmistakably clear: savoring their fresh mozzarella, ideally nestled between slices of bread. Opt for the classic Casa sandwich, featuring fresh mozzarella paired with prosciutto, sun-dried peppers, and balsamic on a sesame hero roll, showcasing the cheese’s delightful flavor. The roast pork is a filling alternative if your appetite calls for something heartier. Be prepared to grab your gastronomic delight to go, as the cozy interior often leads to a line snaking past an antipasti counter filled with tempting offerings like spicy olives.

people lining up outside the store

6. Zero Otto Nove: If the vast array of Italian venues on Arthur Avenue leaves you indecisive, let Zero Otto Nove simplify your choice. This versatile establishment is suitable for various occasions, boasting a menu that includes insalata di mare featuring eight types of seafood and comforting baked rigatoni with meatballs and melted mozzarella. Aim for a spot in the main dining area, artistically designed to resemble an Italian courtyard, offering a quaint and charming dining experience. It’s a little slice of Italy in the Bronx, ensuring a delightful culinary journey.

7. Mike’s Deli: Numerous visitors flock to Mike’s Deli, aiming for a simple sandwich, but soon discover many tempting options. Famous for its eggplant parmigiana sandwiched in a hero roll with a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy sauce, the deli also boasts sizable arancini, savory eggplant rolls, and generous portions of lasagna bolognese that are equally delightful. Located in the bustling Arthur Avenue Retail Market, adjacent to Bronx Beer Hall, it offers a convenient spot to enjoy a beverage while you ponder over the extensive menu.

8. Artuso Pastry Shop: When faced with the tough choice of selecting a pastry shop in the area, Artuso often comes out on top. Renowned for a vast array of sweets like tiramisu, lemon rolls, and cream-filled lobster tails, all ideally finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. It’s wise to visit early as the best treats, like the almond biscotti, tend to sell out. If the cannolis don’t meet your crispiness expectations, neighboring shops like Egidio, Gino’s, or Morrone are also excellent choices. In this area, every option is a delight.

9. Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue: Enzo’s is a bustling hub of activity, where the air is filled with a mix of Italian and Bronx accents, set against a backdrop of classic Rat Pack tunes. It’s an ideal spot for large gatherings keen on savoring an extensive wine selection and debating the perfect pasta shape and sauce pairing. The lively atmosphere is part of the charm, making it a favorite for those looking to immerse themselves in a vibrant, communal dining experience.

a woman in red top holding a glass

10. Prince Coffee House: Located at the bustling corner of Arthur Ave and Crescent, Prince Coffee House is a community focal point reminiscent of a village square. This Turkish coffee shop is a popular morning spot for locals with laptops, transforming into a leisurely European cafe on weekends. Visitors spend hours over tiny cups of Viennese cappuccinos in the light-filled, spacious interior, adorned with a collection of tin Turkish coffee cups, creating an ambiance perfect for relaxation and people-watching.

Navigating the Authentic Markets of Arthur Avenue

Not only celebrated for its authentic eateries but also for its vibrant markets, Arthur Avenue stands as a hub of Italian culture. Below are some of the renowned markets that contribute to its fame:

1. Arthur Avenue Market Pasticceria: This delightful pastry shop is a haven for those with a sweet tooth, offering a range of Italian desserts from creamy cannoli to rich tiramisu. The pasticceria is known for its traditional baking methods and high-quality ingredients, making each bite a testament to Italian confectionery excellence.

2. Arthur Avenue Casa Grande Cigars: Step into a world where the rich aroma of tobacco meets the craftsmanship of the old world. Casa Grande Cigars offers a unique selection of hand-rolled cigars, reminiscent of Italian craftsmanship and tradition. Each cigar is a piece of art, carefully crafted to provide fans with a rich and satisfying experience.

3. Boiano Foods, Inc.: Specializing in Italian and Mediterranean foods, Boiano Foods brings the essence of Italian cuisine with its selection of imported goods and fresh produce. From olive oils to specialty cheeses, every product is selected to ensure the highest quality, offering a true taste of Italy in the heart of the Bronx.

4. Mount Carmel Foods: Specializing in gourmet Italian foods, Mount Carmel offers an assortment of products that bring the flavors of Italy to your table. From artisanal pasta to specialty sauces, each item is a celebration of Italian culinary traditions, perfect for those looking to recreate Italian dishes at home.

full table of Italian meals on plates

5. Café Al Mercato: Located within the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, Café Al Mercato is the perfect spot to enjoy a quick Italian bite. Known for its delicious pizzas and sandwiches, this cafe offers a cozy ambiance to enjoy a coffee break or a casual lunch amidst your market exploration.

6. The Bronx Beer Hall: Situated in the heart of the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, The Bronx Beer Hall offers a twist to the traditional market scene with its selection of local and craft beers. It’s a place where community and culture come together, offering a laid-back environment to enjoy a drink and unwind after a day of exploring the Italian markets.

7. Mike’s Deli – The Original Arthur Avenue Italian Deli: A cornerstone of Arthur Avenue, Mike’s Deli is famous for its array of Italian delicacies, from mouthwatering sandwiches to a selection of cheeses and meats. It’s more than just a deli; it’s an institution, carrying forward the legacy of Italian-American cuisine with every slice and every dish served.

8. Peter’s Meat Market: Known for its high-quality meats and exceptional service, Peter’s Meat Market is a go-to destination for both home cooks and professional chefs. The butchers here are artists who carve and prepare meats with the precision and care that has been passed down through generations.

Each of these venues contributes to the rich tapestry of Arthur Avenue’s market scene, offering a unique slice of Italian culture and tradition in the Bronx. Whether you’re looking for quality ingredients, a satisfying meal, or simply a taste of Italy, these markets are sure to provide an authentic and memorable experience.

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How Does Arthur Avenue Business Owners Preserve Tradition Amidst Modern Times? 

In an age where the new continually eclipses the old, the challenge for many traditional businesses, especially in culturally rich areas like Arthur Avenue, is maintaining their cherished heritage while adapting to the ever-changing tastes and trends of the modern world. This delicate balance is particularly evident in how businesses preserve time-honored methods and recipes while embracing innovation and contemporary demands.

For many establishments, the key to survival has been a blend of reverence for tradition and a keen eye on current market trends. Restaurants and markets that have thrived for generations have often managed to keep their core identity intact while subtly incorporating modern elements. This might mean introducing new flavors or dishes that appeal to a broader or younger audience or adopting technology to streamline operations while ensuring the essence of their offerings – the taste of authenticity – remains unchanged. This adaptation is not about replacing the old but rather enriching it, creating a bridge between the past and the present.

Meanwhile, at the heart of many enduring businesses are the families that started them and the communities that support them. Family-run businesses are often repositories of generations’ worth of knowledge, from secret recipes to customer service philosophies. These businesses don’t just sell products or services; they offer a piece of their heritage, a story woven into the fabric of the community. The role of these family-run businesses extends beyond commerce; they are the custodians of culture, offering a sense of continuity and community in fast-changing times. Moreover, these businesses often serve as informal community centers, places where people are not just customers but neighbors and friends. They foster a sense of belonging and continuity, making them indispensable to the local culture and identity. This communal aspect also encourages loyalty and support from the community, creating a symbiotic relationship where both business and community uplift each other.


Arthur Avenue is much more than a mere collection of restaurants and markets; it represents a living link to Italian heritage, embodying a community spirit that is palpable in every shop and street corner. This vibrant strip in the Bronx is where traditional flavors, family-run businesses, and a tight-knit community weave together to create a tapestry rich in history and warmth.

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