Do I need a SIM card in Bali?


Of course!  Staying connected is essential while on vacation in Bali for ordering Gojek or Grab taxis, keeping in contact with friends, and figuring out where you’re going next. Not to mention the numerous photos you must share while traveling.

By purchasing a native, prepaid Bali SIM card, you can make your trip to Bali hassle-free. SIM cards are extremely dependable and inexpensive. In most parts of Bali, 4G networks are accessible!

The most dependable and cost-effective method of connecting to the internet on the island is to buy SIM card Bali.

Where in Bali can you purchase preloaded SIM cards?

Prepaid cards are offered to visitors to Bali at the airport, in mobile phone stores on the major tourist thoroughfares, and even in small phone stores in less popular locales.

Pre-order your Bali SIM card with to avoid worrying about it once you arrive! You can quickly pick up your SIM card in the I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport’s International Arrival Hall or have it brought right to your hotel in Bali.

What distinguishes SIM card hotel delivery in Bali from SIM card airport pick-up, both of which are dependable and hassle-free options?

Bali SIM card  airport pick-up

Want access to mobile internet the moment you land in Bali? Then choose this option!

You can simply collect up your SIM card from a Bikago Mobile representative, who will be waiting for you at the terminal exit door.

SIM hotel delivery service for Bali

Another simple alternative is to have your Bali SIM card delivered right to your hotel or villa on the day you’re choosing.

What is the best SIM card in Bali?

Select a mobile data-enabled tourist SIM card from Bikago Mobile that is suitable for all locations in Bali and Indonesia.

Avoid the wait at the airport by ordering our eSIM online in advance and activating it as soon as you arrive.

You have the option to pick up our physical SIM card at the airport, in any of our Bikago stores, or have it delivered to you by courier anywhere in Bali.

As the only Bali Mobile Data supplier, we offer genuine local customer support around-the-clock via Whatsapp or in-person visits to any of our stores.

No protracted registering procedure. Try out our most affordable package first, then easily reload your data bundle online!


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