Do Not Let Social Distancing Keep You From Attending Social Events (Virtually)


Is the need for social distancing keeping you from spending time with family and friends this holiday season? Try a virtual party instead! Getting together online can be tons of fun.

Everybody is still getting used to virtual events, so a great way to get the party started is by playing games. Here’s a look at the best virtual holiday party ideas. These activities and events are sure to make the party one to remember!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of the most popular virtual holiday party ideas. They’re similar to a traditional scavenger hunt, but players seek out items inside their homes instead of around town.

The game needs a host who creates a list of items and keeps score. Each round starts with the host saying the name of an item, and then the players search through their homes to find one.

There are a few ways to keep score:

  • Speed – The first person to show their item to the camera gets five points, the second person gets three points, and everyone else with the item gets a point. It’s a fast-paced scoring system best suited for active groups.
  • Point per Person – Everybody who returns with the item gets a point. It’s a slower game that works well for seniors, kids, and anyone with mobility issues.
  • Point per Round – The first person to return with the item gets one point. Everyone keeps their own score, making this option a good choice when playing with a large group.

The best items are simple, common, and somewhat silly. For example, the host can tell players to grab a pink sock, tube of toothpaste, or a dog toy.

Movie Night

Many free, easy-to-use tools allow people to sync a movie so everyone in the party can watch it together while still talking to each other.

It’s best to pick a movie that’s fun, breezy, and doesn’t require a ton of attention. Talking during the show is definitely encouraged!

If it’s a party for adults, turn movie night into a drinking game. For example, throw on a holiday movie, and everyone must take a drink whenever a character says, “Merry Christmas.”

Another fun twist adds some improv comedy to movie night. Play a familiar favorite on mute, and encourage everyone to add their own humorous dialogue.

Cook Along

In-person gatherings often revolve around sharing a great meal. Fortunately, anyone can recreate the fun of a festive feast virtually with a Cook Along.

In a Cook Along, everybody in the video call cooks the same dish at the same time. One person in the party is the designated leader, and it’s their job to guide everyone through the steps and troubleshoot any problems.

Keep the recipes simple. Some easy-to-make comfort foods include cookies, personal pizzas (using pre-made crusts), cupcakes, or mac and cheese. It’s good to pick something everyone can easily make and enjoy.

The Cook Along virtual game does require some preparation on the part of the host. They will need to select a recipe beforehand, which might require checking in with each guest to make sure the dish is something they want to eat. Also, to really make the game easy, the host might want to send each person a package with all the ingredients they’ll need.

Talent Show

Learn fun and crazy facts about family members with a talent show, another popular virtual holiday party idea. Each player takes a turn showcasing their hidden talent.

The idea is to show off something unexpected. Maybe someone has double-jointed elbows, can do an awesome ollie on a skateboard, or can sing in perfect pitch.

The game doesn’t necessarily need to have a winner, but in order to keep score, have everyone in the party rate each talent out of five. The highest score overall wins.

Create a Playlist

Teleconferencing software such as Zoom makes it easy to play music that all participants can listen to at the same time. Create a holiday playlist for the party. Some up-tempo background music helps partygoers loosen up and start chatting.

People usually know what their party participants like to hear, but it’s hard to go wrong with holiday classics such as Jingle Bell Rock and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Along the same lines, consider sending each attendee some food or beverages in the mail to enjoy during the party. When everyone is eating the same snacks or drinking the same beer, it helps to create the feeling of sharing physical space.

Final Thoughts

Even when people can’t physically hang out in the same room, they can still have fun with family and friends over the holidays with virtual gatherings. They’re easy to set up, and everyone with a phone or a laptop can participate.

Use the virtual holiday party ideas above to get the party started. Each game is sure to lead to lots of laughs and good times. Even though the party is virtual, the fun is definitely real!



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