Easy packing tips for a stress-free move


Even though relocating to a new house is a fun experience on its own, but most people fear the steps they have to take before the moving day comes around. Stuffing your entire life in moving boxes can be an impossible task if you have never done it before. You have to pack your furniture and other items while ensuring that they do not suffer any damage during transportation. Not to mention all the checklists and logistics you have to go through. Most people find themselves confused and run for the hills, and we do not want to blame you. You only want to settle in your new home as soon as possible.

The basics of relocation involve having an idea of where every moving box or parcel is at all times. It can be to lose track of your belongings because of the excitement of owning a new home. But do not worry, as you can make your first day inside your new home enjoyable and easy if you follow some helpful packing tips. You can find some of these tips below.

1. Storage unit

Maybe you have bulky furniture taking up unwanted space in your house, or you want to store some household items you can take to your new home later. Or you don’t want these items to experience damage during transportation. Either way, you can use storage units St George Utah and place unused items inside it until you get settled. On The Go Moving & Storage provide both moving and storage solution to make you stress-free while moving. It will also allow you to save some money as your moving service will have to transport fewer items. You have to search for the storage unit near you to manage this task. For instance, if you live in any city of Tarrant County, Texas, like in Keller storage units are easily available in different sizes and different price ranges.

2. Declutter

You will not be able to pack your belonging easily unless your house only contains the items you want to take to your new home. Start decluttering your existing house at least a couple of months before the moving day, doing everything little by little every day or every other day.

Whether you decide to sell household items or discard them, having less to do will make the moving process a whole lot easy. Plus, you will also not have to unpack more items when you move into the new place.

3. Pack ahead of time

The more items you can pack beforehand, the less you will have to do on moving day. A good practice is to buy moving boxes in advance and packing whatever you think is of value and want to take along with you. If you do such a thing, you would only need to take your travel case along with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Having less to do on the big day will allow the process to go smoothly and efficiently.

Also, another way to avoid stress is to buy packing materials beforehand. Packing supplies such as moving boxes, containers, moving blankets, masking tape, and much more are essential for packing your belongings securely.  Be sure to consider help options like Irvine Movers as well.

4. Use plastic wrap to avoid spillage of liquids

Transporting liquid-based items from one to another is always tricky as a spill can ruin everything placed along with it. What you can do is unscrew the lids on every container that has liquid inside of it and wrap the tops with plastic wrap. You can then screw on the caps with the plastic wrap in place. Such a practice will avoid spillages over other valuable items during transportation.

However, do not even place such liquids with other items at all. Try to keep pack a separate box that contains only liquids and keep it away from other things such as clothes and furniture. It will decrease the chance of damage during transportation.

5. Take photos of everything you want to move

Suppose you are unhooking or taking apart furniture. In that case, it is a wise decision to take before and after photographs to know their placement in your old house. Maybe you want to keep the furniture placement in your new home the same way you had in your old one. Some people want their new house to look the same as their old one because they find it hard to let go of the memories attached to their old home.

If you employ a moving company to take care of the relocation process for you, then taking photographs of your belongings will allow you to see if damage to your items takes place or anything is missing.

6. Aalways keep kitchen on their sides

If you want to avoid breakage of kitchenware such as plates, cups, mugs, or bowls, always pack them while placing them sideways. Take extra care while packing kitchen items and use lots of safe packing material such as packing paper or foal padding.

Your movers don’t care about what is inside your moving boxing, and they will throw them around during the moving process. So, it would be best if you cared for your belongings.


The trick to having a stress-free moving experience is to prepare as much as you can before the big day comes around. Doing such a thing will only require you to pack up your luggage and leave after a few hours. Ensure that you have a game plan to follow if you plan to move in the upcoming days. It will let you save money, time, and stress when you move into your new home. And it will enable you to start a new life inside your new home a little bit quicker.

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