Easy Ways to Hang Map on Wall


An empty wall looks boring. If you want to spice up your interior and decorate a room with a world map, here are some easy ways to hang it on your wall. Plus a few important nuances that you should consider before that.


Before you go to a store for fasteners, you should do a little preparation. Evaluate the following options:

  • Product weight. Not every fastener can withstand a lot of weight, and most of them are designed for maps and paintings up to 2 pounds.
  • Wall material: concrete, drywall, brick, and so on.
  • Coating: wallpaper, paint, ceramic tile, etc.

Also, the choice of mounting method depends on the form in which a map is made. It can be just a sheet of paper, a picture in a frame with glass, or a 3D wooden world map. It is important not to damage the surface of your decor due to improperly picked fasteners.

After you have done this little analysis, you can start measuring. It is recommended to hang paintings, photographs, and other similar art objects at eye level. To position your map evenly, use a construction level. It is also important that the product looks organically in the interior. Make sure that it fits on the wall and the surrounding pieces of furniture are equidistant from it. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, make marks on the wall where the mounts will be.

Mounting Methods

The traditional methods of attaching decor to walls include all techniques that involve drilling surfaces:

  • for fastening on a wooden wall, you can use simple nails;
  • if you hang the map on a drywall surface, you need to reinforce the attachment points with dowels or expansion anchors;
  • in concrete, you need to make a hole with a drill, insert a wall plug, and then put a screw in (with brick walls, you should follow the same approach).

You can hang products of a rather large weight on nails, screws, or bolt hooks inserted into the walls since such fasteners are really reliable. If your map is quite lightweight and the wall surface allows, you can do without drilling:

  • stick pins into walls made of soft material (wood, plastic, or drywall), attaching paper decor without extra weighty elements;
  • a double-sided tape or hanging strips are also great for lightweight products;
  • Polymer adhesive or liquid nails are a good option if you don’t plan on moving the map to another location anytime soon.

All such drill-free options are more accessible and “cleaner” mounting methods as they do not require power tools like drills. However, it is important to ensure that the wall you are attaching decor to is perfectly flat and clean when using them.

Additional Recommendations on Hanging a Map

As you can see, decorating a room with wall decor is not that difficult. Additionally, you can install a special backlight to make a focus on the map or buy a product that already has built-in LED lights. Follow our simple mounting guidelines and keep in mind the generally accepted rules for decor orientation relative to other objects. Vertical maps are best placed on narrow walls, while horizontal ones will look best in wide places, such as over a sofa or headboard.


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