Eco-friendly ways to keep your home clean


With things the way they are right now, we’re all spending a lot more time at home than we used to. We’re learning how to make new recipes, we’re getting a little bit more crafty, and so many of us have adopted adorable new pets that it led to a shortage in New York City. As nice as it’s been to spend some more time around the house, an unfortunate but inevitable by-product is that there is a lot more mess to clean up. For seeking help of experts in the field to get the job done in no time visit our website.

When we drop a glass of wine, let a pot boil over or notice an accident left by the dog, the first instinct for many of us is to reach for a pair of rubber gloves and a spray bottle of chemicals. However, it’s time to put the bleach and goggles down because there are so many greener alternatives for everything from upholstery cleaning to descaling your kettle. Here are just a few…

Avoid condensation in the bathroom

Mold loves a bathroom. The steam, the sitting water, the constantly changing temperatures…it’s the perfect breeding ground for a wealth of different types of fungal nastiness, which can cause sinus and throat irritation, and in some cases, difficulty breathing. To stop mold forming, be sure to wipe the shower and surrounding areas down to mop up that moisture before something takes root. Another nifty tip: add a moisture-loving plant like a fern or palm.

Use vinegar

No, it’s not just a condiment! The acidic properties of white vinegar make it a handy and cost-effective tool for cleaning hard surfaces and appliances, and you should absolutely have a bottle in the cupboard for cutting through grease and grime in your kitchen. Whether it’s descaling the kettle, mopping up a burned-on sauce spill on the stovetop or getting rid of a handprint on the garden door, you’ll be amazed by how many uses this liquid has.

Go non-toxic

There are some parts of the home where you can’t get away with a quick wipe and an open window. Places like carpets and sofas require a deeper clean to get rid of embedded dirt, dust mites and bacteria, especially when you’ve got difficult stains or a mess left by a pet who is definitely deeply sorry. Carpet and upholstery is also prone to damage if you try and tackle it with chemicals by yourself, so in these situations it’s best to call a professional that uses non-toxic ingredients. If you’re looking for someone who offers exactly that, you should get a quote from Their team can help you to keep your home clean using quality products and their longstanding expertise.

Open those windows

It’s not always easy to remember to crack a window, especially when it’s cold or if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, but it’s such an important part of keeping your home clean and healthy. Fresh air not only helps fight the build-up of condensation and mold, it helps battle germs and viruses. If you’re sitting inside with the windows closed all day, you’re keeping the cold air out but you’re keeping any contaminated air in. The longer you leave them shut, the greater the density of anything harmful gets. Open your windows and keep that fresh air flowing in.

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