Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Download


Travel apps are an added convenience when it comes to making travel arrangements. Travel apps work exceptionally well on multiple smart devices, especially those powered with Spectrum wifi plans. They are a huge time saver and cost-effective as well.

There’s an app for almost everything you need while traveling. Be it booking accommodations or making last-minute changes to your planned itinerary. These are some of the best travel apps that should be on the smartphone of every traveler.

Hopper &

With Hopper you can find some of the cheapest flight options there are. You can get up to 40% discount on ticket prices. Insert your home city and desired destination and let the app do the rest. Hopper allows you to view days with cheapest flight rates. Days in green reflect the cheapest flight options, whereas red indicate the most expensive days to fly.

This app is of great utility when it comes to making informed and safe booking decisions. The price predictor feature offers insights into potential increase in ticket fares. Another exciting feature is the Watch This Trip. It is designed to send alerts in case of price change. Moreover, you can also reserve accommodations on the app. offers a smooth booking experience. It offers customizable itineraries in addition to providing useful information on airports and destinations. You can also gain useful insights on rental transportation and tours.

TripIt & PackPoint

Do you have a flight to catch and cannot get your travel essentials arranged? Are you struggling with decluttering and running out of time? Worry no more because TripIt has got you covered. The app is designed to organize everything into a neat and tidy itinerary. The next time you book a flight or a hotel, just forward your details to and they’ll sort out everything for you.

TripIt offers both free and subscription-based models. The premium package costs $49 a year and comes with extra features such as loyalty reward programs, baggage claim information, real-time flight alerts, and security wait times. It also allows you to conveniently share your trip plans with the person who will pick you up from the airport.

PackPoint is another genius app that helps travelers organize their packing priorities based on weather, location, and planned activities. Whether you want to pack the perfect suitcase or manage logistics, PackPoint is the right go-to application. & Airbnb

With you can make quick reservations. Another perk of this app is that it allows you to modify your reservations at any point in time. For every 10 bookings and stays, you can get a one-night free stay. You can access an inventory of over 325,000 hotels from across 19,000 locations. It also offers exciting deals and discounts.

Airbnb has completely transformed the lodging industry. Nothing seems to be out of reach for this online marketplace. You can book from a variety of lodging options. These include vacation rentals, cabins, beach houses, and unique homes. These properties are situated in some of the finest places around the world. The brilliant news is that rent is cheaper than most traditional lodgings.

The platform is accessible via website and mobile app. It allows you to filter your search concerns based on property type, price, and amenities to name a few. You can also make reservations for last-minute travels. Another perk of the app is that it lets you communicate directly with the host in order to build transparency and trust.


CityMapper is perhaps best known for providing fastest routes to travel destinations. It is a viable alternative to Google Maps if you want to know the speediest routes. However, it is currently only available in certain cities. The app takes into account real-time traffic and provides info on latest arrivals.

You can get the best route for bike, car, bus ferry, tax, subway, and train. It provides updates after each minute. Moreover, you can communicate with your family and friends through the app’s chat feature and inform them about your journey in real time.


Want to sound like a local while travelling abroad? Download TripLingo and see the magic work. With its voice translator feature, a database of over 30,000 pre-recorded audio files, and a vast offline dictionary, TripLingo is definitely a must-have for travelers.

Download these apps and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience!


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