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As we discuss the E2 visa, we want to highlight some facts about it that many of you don’t have any idea about. Nowadays, people are going abroad to pursue their dreams. It includes work, study, business, and visitation. Thus, there is a challenging procedure before going to America. It requires so much documentation to access and stay in this country, even temporarily.

Dissimilar to other countries, America is strict when it comes to entering their territory. You require to request a specific endorsement to join and visit their land. A practical reason before trying to go into it is necessary. So, you must provide the particular document that they need from you.

If you are requesting it for business, then an E2 visa is for you. If you manage to have a great company and extend it in the US, you must hand over the requirements to have this kind of endorsement. You also need to work into that business when you are in America if they grant your request. Thus, it is more challenging than ordinary visas.

Moreover, this endorsement is only available for some individuals in a specific country with an E2 treaty with America. Another thing is there is no limit in applying to this kind of affidavit. You can renew it all over again without any problems unless you cant produce the required documents. Besides, as long as you have your business and operate it constantly, there is no trouble requesting another E2 visa. You can stay and live in America, anytime you want, within the range of your endorsement.

So, keep on navigating if you want to know more about the reliable facts about this E2 visa. Join us as we hand you some information that can help you to understand more about it. Let us move forward and explore this exceptional knowledge.

What is the difference between doing a change of status to E2 and getting an E2 visa?

This section contains some factors that you need to consider before deciding whether to change your position or go through consular processing. An immigration lawyer is a person that you need to help you in that matter. When it comes to American endorsement, it needs more experienced individuals to do the job correctly. Thus, here are the factors that you need to consider;

Are you lawfully present in America?

Requesting for a change of status is only for nonimmigrants who are lawfully present in America. If you are in other countries, then the qualification of change of status is void.

How quickly do you need the E2 visa?

The processing speed is one reason why many individuals are eager to apply for a change of status. Premium processing is what USCIS offering. For that reason, within 15 days, it can be processed. Thus, consular processing can take a longer time.

Will you need to travel outside America?

Some people don’t know about the effectiveness of the E2 visa. Change of status has its effect when you are in the vicinity of America. It means that when you go outside, then your change of status is invalid already. You don’t have the authority to use the shift of class that you applied for.

If you are interested in going back, then applying for an E2 visa is what you need. You need to file for a request at the US Consulate abroad. They don’t count your first change of status from USCIS. Applying for a new E2 visa is what you need to do. Plus, ensure that you re-submit the documents for the qualification of this endorsement.

How much are you investing?

Some consular posts are more strict in qualification and want to see a higher investment amount. They are doing it to have to qualify as a substantial investment. If you’re going to change status because of the strict consular post, you can grow your E2 business. As a result, you can apply for an E2 visa abroad with more capital invested in the industry.

However, there is also a backfire when your business doesn’t do well. The consular post has two years of actual business activity to judge your business throughout.

E2 visa Processing Duration

You cant get this endorsement instantly. It requires stages that you need to undergo. This stage includes the following;

1. Document gathering

Before anything, you need to provide the documents that you have in your business. It has a crucial role when filing your visa request. The immigration lawyer you hired will review your case and give you the essential documents you need to hand over. The gathering of these documents takes a month. It also depends on how fast you can provide the requirements to process your request.

2. Legal Preparation

It takes about two weeks once you submit your documents to your immigration lawyer. From that, he or she will prepare and complete the filing to surrender it all for your E2 petition.

3. Consular Processing or Change of Status

The immigration lawyer will submit your request to the American consulate of your home country. You can also change status to E2 status by sending your application to USCIS if you are in America. Two to three months is the duration of consular processing. You can also try to speed it up by paying an extra $2500 for premium processing.

It can reduce around 15 days. The request for additional evidence can also slow down the procedure. Take note: If you choose premium processing, USCIS only has to respond within 15 days. They can send the request for more evidence if they believe your application is missing something.

If you provide the requested proof, they are no longer required to respond within 15 days. They can take longer to respond.


We have come this far. We hope that you understand all of the information that we provide above. Each detail contains the facts that you can consider upon deciding whether you can apply for this endorsement. The above information has a vital role in submitting the E2 affidavit that you preferred. If you are interested in this visa, you can complete the requirements and provide the documents you need to hand over.

We are also grateful to share this data to give you a positive idea on requesting E2 visas. It might be challenging, but it has a worth that can provide you an outstanding output in the future. So, move forward and get the chance to be an excellent person in the US. Your success is in your hand. Good luck!

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