Failed delivery attempts: what to do and what are the reasons behind it?


Failed delivery attempt means that the courier company tried to deliver the package but failed. In most cases, you will find a note left by the courier guy at the doorstep notifying you of the failed delivery. If the courier company cannot deliver, further delivery attempts will be made on the next day. The only reason behind the failed delivery attempt is that you were not available at the time of delivery hours. There are three main reasons why you may receive a failed delivery notice –

  • Recipient absent: the courier has not found anyone at the delivery address,
  • Incomplete or incorrect address: in the address field, there are missing or insufficient data,
  • Cannot reach the address: access to the area or the building is blocked or impossible.

Stealing of delivery products

On the other hand, courier companies often leave the parcel outside of your door. At that moment, you get a notification that the package has been delivered to you. Now that you were outside, how would you receive the parcel? Or, you already know the delivery time, but you can’t receive the package as you have to go to the office, and don’t want any favor from your neighbors? What if you were sleeping and the delivery guy just delivered the parcel? And by the time you woke up, you realized that the package was missing.

Did you know that more than 35% of Americans reported the theft of their parcels during this pandemic? It is nothing new on the streets of NYC. 3 out of 10 people have had faced this situation. The package arrived and being stolen by the porch pirates, and unfortunately, you were not present at the time of delivery. Amid this situation, package-storage service works very well. If you can’t receive the parcel delivery, you can ask the courier to deliver the product at the package storage New York City facility. You can collect the package later on, according to your schedule: simply simple, efficient, affordable and trustworthy service.

Due to the absence of the recipient

If you have received a notice of the failed delivery because there was no one at the indicated address, the courier will most likely try to deliver your package the next business day. Generally, courier companies provide packages between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. It is not always easy to be home at this time. Find a person who can receive your package instead of you at the delivery address. Choose one of the collection points as the destination of your shipment.

Due to incomplete or wrong address

Incorrect or incomplete data in the address field can lead to unsuccessful delivery. If any detail is missing in the address field, the courier may not locate your address, so even using route software wouldn’t be possible to have the package delivered. Another reason why the failed delivery happens is the inability to access the building. If the delivery destination is in a private area or access is limited, it may be that the courier does not deliver your package. Double-check all details during booking. Make sure the name is spelt correctly and that it is the same as on the mailbox.

How many delivery attempts does the courier make?

Usually, courier companies make two delivery attempts. However, it depends on the urgency of the packages. If the delivery address is in a place that is difficult to access, courier companies have the right to make only one delivery attempt. In some cases, the customer may agree to a new delivery attempt with the logistics company.

What happens when the Amazon messenger doesn’t find anyone? The courier companies that Amazon collaborates with will typically make two more delivery attempts. The shipment will be returned to the Amazon warehouse if the third delivery attempt is unsuccessful. Ali-express has agreements with different courier companies, and the number of delivery attempts may vary depending on the state.

Steps to safe delivery for health

Although most delivery companies have already adopted it, you have to opt for safe delivery. It includes a receipt of the product without physical contact with the delivery person and with the following indications –

  • Keep a minimum distance of one meter with the delivery person, who must wear gloves, a mask, and disinfectant.
  • Tell him to leave the product on the doormat or at the door.
  • If you think it is necessary, open the package outside the home and recycle both the packaging and the cardboard box.
  • If you choose to open it at home, dispose of the packaging quickly and disinfect the surfaces in contact with it.
  • If picked up by the doorman, keep a safe distance from him.
  • Wash your hands. Yes, it is still most essential to keep COVID-19 at bay.

And, if you have opted for a package storage service in NYC, make sure the facility is well-sanitized and maintains proper precautions.

What happens after the failed delivery?

In the unsuccessful delivery attempt, the courier will leave a note that can inform about two things – that the courier will try to deliver the package tomorrow or be left somewhere else. It can be your neighbors’ house, a delivery point, your backyard, or a logistics company warehouse. Each of the options has pros and cons. And by the disadvantage, we mean the “stolen package” that is relatively common for the people of New York City. It is practically an excellent idea to choose the best company for package storage NYC as the primary receiver of your parcel. The courier company will drop the package at the station. You will receive the notification and collect the property from the facility at your time.

In general, the courier company stores the parcel (after two failed attempts) in its warehouse for 5 to 15 days approximately. Once the courier company produces your package, the box will be considered delivered, and you will not be able to receive a refund. To find out where the courier company’s warehouse is located, check the company’s website responsible for your shipment.

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