Famous Casino Buildings from Around the World

The number of casino buildings has been increasing, not just in Las Vegas but around the world. These locations offer the best games in lavish surroundings alongside live entertainment and fine dining. While some of the most famous casino buildings are in Sin City, here we highlight others in Macao, South Africa, Singapore and the Bahamas.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Opened in 1966, Caesars Palace is one of Las Vegas’ trademark names on the famous Strip following an ancient Rome theme, one of the first casinos to tap into the theme concept.  This luxurious casino offers a vast array of casino games. The oval casino is surrounded by 20 black columns trimmed in white marble and gold leaf as well as a statue of Julius Caesar that stands 20 feet tall.

The opulence of Caesar’s Palace also includes a 141-foot fountain and more than 8,000 pieces of marble. There is also a huge spa featuring Roman baths, with pools surrounded by mosaics and classical architecture for when you want to relax away from the gaming tables.

Atlantis Resort & Casino, Paradise Island, Bahamas

The most famous and largest casino in the Caribbean, Atlantis Resort is probably the most ambitious architectural undertaking in the Caribbean. The casino includes 78 gaming tables with craps, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, roulette and baccarat along with nearly 1,000 slot machines. What makes it stand out, is the skylights and windows along the gaming floor offering dramatic views of naturally beautiful turquoise seas.  This modern masterpiece is sited about 100 miles from Bimini, the site of the famous Bimini Road, which some believe to be remnants of the original Atlantis.

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

Sun City is a Las Vegas-like resort, yet it lies in a natural dormant volcanic crater about a 90-minute drive from Johannesburg. Opened in 1979, Sun City Casino Resort quickly became a popular destination for high rollers and all types of gamblers from around the world and offers more than 850 slot machines and nearly 40 gaming tables for blackjack, American roulette, stud poker and Punto Baccarat. The extraordinary Palace of the Lost City complex includes a fairytale palace residence, which has an interior of exquisite mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted ceilings depicting South Africa’s wildlife and culture.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands was designed by architect Moshe Safdie and is one of the most expensive casinos to be built, having cost USD5.5 billion to construct. At 845,000 square metres, the complex contains one of the biggest hotels in the world, famous for its triple towers linked at the top with a dramatically cantilevered sky garden, which extends 65 metres out from the side of the towers. It’s also home to the largest atrium casino on earth, with 500 gaming tables and 2,500 slot machines and much else. Safdie, based in Boston, USA, wanted to create a public realm that is rich and exciting, with landscaped parks and other modern urban ideas