Five Tips To Make Your Camping Date A Successful One



After spending some time with your partner ticking countless date ideas off your couples bucket list, you get the inkling that they could be the one. So you’ve finished seeking advice from your friends as well as your go-to horoscope app and now you are ready to bring this relationship up to a whole new level – to go on a camping trip together. 

Packing your bag to embark on a trip into the wilderness may sound fun at first because what could possibly go wrong? Truth be told, uncertainties are definitely inevitable. While on a brighter note, camping is the perfect occasion for first-time couples to experience something new together and even discover sides of each other you both didn’t know existed. 

Anything and everything can happen in the wild, so how enjoyable your trip turns out is heavily dependent on your preparedness mentally and materially. Want your first camping escapade to be an unforgettable one? Well, make sure you keep a mental note on the following pointers to make your trip as successful as it can possibly get, such as by purchasing this two person tent.

Make a list of camp essentials & responsibilities

Arguing with your partner over a forgotten item is a classic camping cliche. But putting the blame on each other on who is responsible for the forgotten tent doesn’t solve anything. Worse, it may even create an awkward tension between the two even before the camp officially commences. 

Instead, the best takeaway here is to give yourself ample time to pack for the trip. Alternatively, creating a checklist consisting of the camping essentials alongside each other’s responsibilities is a good way to avoid long and unnecessary arguments. Although this method can’t guarantee that there will not be any missing item at the campsite, it is undeniably a fool-proof way to establish who is to be blamed for the forgotten tent. 

An additional tip for the couples: Rather than defending yourself over something beyond your control, own up to your mistakes and accept your responsibility with humility. Then continue with the task at hands, because a single argument shouldn’t stop you two from enjoying this adventure!

Pack plenty of treats (candies, chocolate bars and more!)

In most relationships, there tends to be a partner who feels more confident in the wild compared to their counterpart. The responsibility lies on these outdoor enthusiasts in the relationship to take the lead while camping, especially during times of disagreements.

As you can imagine, Camping is tiring –– the neverending hike, bag carrying, bumpy floors that obstruct our sleep and worse, early mornings. The hunger and exhaustion make us more irritable, and lashing out at each other only strains the relationship further. But fret not, this is where the treats you’ve packed earlier comes in handy. No matter how tense the situation is between both of you, all ill will disappear in a blink of an eye when you pull that stash of candies and chocolate bars out of your pocket. 

On another note, reconnecting with nature does not mean you have to be all out in the wilderness because comfortability is still crucial for an enjoyable stay. Bringing over some home comforts such as a lightweight air mattress can be a great alternative so that you don’t have to sleep on the cold hard ground.

Be prepared to snuggle up 

As some of you might have noticed in your relationships, women tend to feel the cold more than their male companion. This phenomenon is not just an excuse for women to hog the blanket in bed at night since science has proven the difference in how the sexes react to temperatures. 

Generally, women have slower metabolic rates, colder extremities (especially their hands and feet) and their body require higher core temperature to stay comfortable. Much of these are attributed to the female body working her magic to protect the sensitive child-rearing organs.

As we circle back to the topic of camping, now we understand that there is a legitimate reason why your female counterpart always feels so cold. In the instance that she complains about her freezing hands and feet while lying in the tent, this is your perfect moment to pull out the extra blanket and fuzzy socks you’ve prepared beforehand. Or perhaps, this can be a sign for a wholesome cuddle opportunity as you two snuggle up in the cold. 

Slow down your pace 

While having prior experience in camping is definitely beneficial for the couple, do remember to cut some slack for your partner if they are not as experienced as you are. Hiking up and down the mountains or swimming through the rivers may not be something everybody is used to. Aside from being surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna, the beauty in camping also lies in the fact that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Hence, it is important for you to take a breather and slow down to match your partner’s pace. Because at the end of the day, this entire camping experience is solely for the two of you.

Remember to check the weather 

Remember to check the weather

Last but not least, this point is not specifically for couples but it also remains applicable for platonic or even solo trips too. Because it doesn’t change the fact that many campers are often guilty of forgetting to check the weather forecast before embarking on their journey. After all that packing and planning, it doesn’t hurt to do your homework and be a little extra in your star gazing preparations. I am sure no one wants their romantic camping date to be ruined by a downpour and ending up drenched in the middle of the woods.


Going on your first camping trip as a couple may be a venture into the unknown, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Follow these pointers and I can guarantee that the nights spent in the woods admiring the starry skies will be an unforgettable experience in your entire relationship. 

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