Furnishing Your Apartment to Maximize Floor Space: 5 Tips


Are you finding that floor space is sparse in your home? You’re sidestepping furniture, tripping over toys, getting boxes piling up? We’ve all been there. There’s never enough room, even if you are the owner of a castle. If you’re in a smaller space, however, we might have some good tips to help you find the best apartments for rent in huntington beach ca. Also, take a look at our tips for maximizing floor space.

Corner sofa

It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you want more seating and to use up less floor space in one move, you might want to look into corner sofas. In a small living room, a sofa is likely to be taking up two corners anyway, except that the second corner isn’t being used to the best of its ability. It’s just an arm using up all that space when it could be a back and offer another seat around the room.

It also means that you can eliminate the second sofa across the room, freeing up floor space. A corner sofa is effectively two sofas using up the space that would ordinarily be put between them in the name of balance and spreading out. You can find cheap living room sets, including corner sofa sets here, as well as many other sofas and combination seating to fulfill the desires of even the most discerning shopper.

Wall mounted TV

One way to clear up more floor space in your home is to lift everything up. In that case, a wall-mounted television is a great idea. The trend of wall-mounted TVs has really taken off over the past few years, not least because you can use up space in the room and allow yourself to get rid of that otherwise useless TV stand.

Along the same lines, if you’ve always wanted a fireplace but don’t have the space on the lower wall, you can now get fireplaces that can be mounted on your wall. Some are even renter-friendly and can be unscrewed and taken from home to home.

Wall shelves

In the spirit of using up wall space, walk past all the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. They’re narrow, they’re tall, they’ll use up floor space. Instead, consider mounting wall shelves in rooms like bedrooms and home offices to store all your books and decorative pieces. You’ll lift everything up off the floor that might allow for other things, like an office desk underneath a wall full of shelves of books.

Day bed

If you’re having trouble finding floor space in your spare bedroom, or you’d perhaps like to use the spare room as something more than a spare bedroom, you can always look into a daybed. They are the middle ground, ready for use if someone needs it, but can be folded away or simply don’t take up space in their original form. There would be enough room for a treadmill or an office desk in there with somewhere to sleep.

Hidden storage

But the best way to free up space in your home is with hidden storage. If you can find a bed, a sofa, etc., with hidden storage, then you would have less need for an additional chest of drawers taking up your floor space.

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