Garage door maintenance 101 – Ensure a long lasting garage door


Garage doors are usually reliable, but it is still vital to remember that it is not entirely fail-proof. So, you cannot take it for granted. To ensure your garage doors enjoy a long life, you need to invest in a preventive and maintenance plan. Remember that regular usage leads to wear and tear, so you will need to ensure regular maintenance. Contact the experts at Lancaster garage doors if you require urgent repair and maintenance work on your garage door.

However, garage doors can run into problems without any notice. So, it is vital to understand a bit of housekeeping for garage door maintenance. If you are willing to invest time, then rest assured that there are plenty of DIY tricks for you to reduce the wear and tear on your garage door. It will ensure that you can minimize the risk associated with a faulty garage door and accidents. 

Here are some maintenance tips that will ensure trouble-free operations for a long time. 

A hardware check is essential

A bit of preventive maintenance goes a long way in maintaining garage doors and avoiding damages. All you need to do is visually inspect your garage door from time to time for signs of damages, wear and tear. Always check the tracks, fasteners, springs, bolts, hinges, and roller wheels. Remember that rust is the main enemy, so if you spot the reddish flakes on any part of the door, always replace it as soon as possible. 

Remember that tracks can suffer from damage, so detecting them as early as possible is vital. Additionally, it is critical to keep in mind that the moving parts like the tracks and the brackets come loose over time. So, observe these parts and tighten them if the need arises. Lastly, if possible, check the ball bearings and steel rollers if you have a shutter-type door. 

Check the balance of the door

If the garage door is well balanced, then it will last for a long time. However, if your door isn’t balanced, chances are it won’t last for long. To check the door’s balance, all you need to do is deactivate the opener and then lower the door to the halfway position. If the door stays in place without any additional support, then your door is perfectly balanced. However, if there is any movement of the door, either in the upward or downward direction, you will need to adjust the spring tension. 

Check the auto-reverse feature

Garage doors usually have an auto-reverse feature, a safety standard to ensure minimum injury in case of an accident. However, most homeowners never check the operations of the feature after installation. It is vital to test the auto-reverse of your garage door by placing a plank of wood or brick underneath. A properly functional door should retract upon contact with the object automatically. 

Keep in mind these simple yet effective garage door maintenance tips from our experts to elongate the life of this valuable fixture. 

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