Grenada Citizenship By Investment: Your A-Z Guide


The Grenada Citizenship by Investment is a bold program that allows you to become a citizen of Grenada quickly and smoothly. Potential investors will be attracted to the friendly tax regime offered to foreigners that don’t discriminate. Passport applications are characterized by lengthy processing times, language tests, and strict residency requirements. Fortunately, for those who want to come to Grenada, a new initiative called Grenada Passport by investment makes things incredibly simple. Now, you only need to invest a minimum amount of money as set by the government and meet a few conditions and you will receive a certificate of naturalization that confirms you as a citizen. Not only that, you can include the applications of your spouse, children, and even parents! This enables you to immigrate to Grenada as a whole family unit. What’s more, once you receive Grenada citizenship, you can live, work, and even get to participate in the country’s political affairs. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Grenada citizenship by investment. Keep reading to learn more.

Application Process

Generally, the application process for Grenada passport by investment is quite fast. Processing times can be as short as just three months, and you are not required to have lived on the island prior. To start, you must choose a reliable marketing agency to help you navigate the immigration scene.

An agent will help you to put together all the requisite forms and other documents necessary for your citizenship application. Also, they will help you to get medical examination documents and ensure that the documents are submitted in English. After ensuring that everything is in order, your agent will have the documents submitted to the authorities and will act as the middleman between you and the government. Once they receive the documents, the authorities will perform due diligence to verify that the documents and the information you provided are correct. If your application gets approved, you will then have to make a donation or investment in government-approved projects.

Citizenship for Whole Family

The beauty of applying for Grenada citizenship through the investment program is that it allows you to include all your family. As the primary applicant, you are also allowed to apply for the citizenship of your spouse, dependant children, and even parents. If you choose the route of donation, the fees will increase for extra family members. For example, if you have additional three members, your donation will increase from $150,000 to $200,000. Any members over this will be charged $25,000 each.

On the other hand, if you choose to go the real estate investment route, neither the government fees nor the investment requirement will increase for three family members. However, the government slaps a $25,000 fee for each additional person after the three qualifying members. Whether it is under real estate investment or donation routes, the application fee charged is $1,500 per person. Members of your family that are below the age of 18 years will attract a fee of $500 per person.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship by Investment

1. Fast Application Process

There are many reasons why people choose to obtain Grenada citizenship by investment, not least the fact that it is the fastest and most seamless in the world. If you want to get citizenship in a Caribbean country without the hustle, you only need to choose Grenada. It ensures that you become a permanent citizen in just over 120 days.

2. No Residency Requirement

Immigration laws can be tough, especially in countries that require you to have been a resident of the nation for some time. When it comes to Grenada citizenship by investment, no such thing is a requirement. You are not even required to have visited the country prior! Also, some countries will require you to learn their language before you are granted full citizenship but this isn’t the case. A Grenada passport by investment is for life. Your investment is safe and is guaranteed to give you returns. You can enjoy it next to your family too.

3. Dual Citizenship Recognized

Some countries insist that you renounce your citizenship if you want to seek a second passport. But this is not the case in Grenada. The country recognizes dual citizenship, which allows you to be a citizen of Grenada as well as your home country. If anything, the authorities here will not reveal your new nationality to your home country. This means even if your home country doesn’t allow dual citizenship, they will not be told.

4. Citizenship For Additional Family Members

The beauty of Grenada citizenship is that it allows you to move with your entire family. This doesn’t just mean your spouse and kids, but even your parents and grandparents. If you can pay the fees, then nobody stops you from bringing all your dependants. It means you will be home away from home, as all your loved ones will be right by your side.

5. Return for Investment

We have dwelled on how seamless and easy it is to obtain your Grenada citizenship. But did you also know that the investments you make have the potential to give you healthy profits? The money you pay will be put into an investment project like real estate, and after three years, you will start enjoying returns. So you don’t just change your environment but you get to enjoy genuine returns on your investment.


Grenada offers you a chance to not only enjoy its breathtaking landscapes but also become a full citizen in the shortest time possible. There are no unnecessary residency requirements or language tests, and neither do you need to have visited the country before. The application process is super-fast and the country also recognizes dual citizenship. This means you will not be required to renounce your citizenship once you are here. The fact that it allows you to apply for your family as well is a massive game changer. Grenada is a perfect destination for those who want to work, do business, and live in Grenada.

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