Guide to the Major Utility Providers in New York City


In New York City, Con Edison powers most areas. This includes Manhattan, the Bronx, and northern Queens. They have a wide network for electricity and gas. They also focus on renewable energy.

In Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the rest of Queens, National Grid provides gas. It’s reliable. Water services come through NYC DEP. This is often part of your rent, making it easier for homeowners. For internet, TV, and phone, there’s Optimum, Spectrum, and Verizon. They offer various options. Energy deregulation means you can choose your energy supplier. This can lower costs and better services. Keep reading for tips on making the most of your utility providers.

Consolidated Edison

Key Takeaways

  • Con Edison powers NYC and Westchester with wind and solar energy.
  • National Grid gives gas to Brooklyn, Staten Island, and much of Queens. Con Edison supplies gas in Manhattan, the Bronx, and northern Queens.
  • NYC DEP manages water in New York City. Most landlords cover this cost.
  • Optimum, Spectrum, and Verizon provide internet, TV, and phone options.
  • Energy deregulation lets New Yorkers pick their Energy Service Company (ESCO), fostering competition and possibly lower rates.

NYC Electric Service

In New York, powering a city that never sleeps falls to key players. Con Edison leads, serving nearly 10 million in NYC and Westchester. They’ve laid 94,000 miles of underground cable and 34,000 miles of overhead wires. This keeps the city alive.

Con Edison doesn’t just stick to old energy. It embraces wind and solar. This shows its commitment to sustainability. It matches the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s goals.

Yet, Con Edison isn’t alone. The Rockaway Peninsula in Queens gets power from the Public Service Enterprise Group. The city’s electric service is vast and varied.

Moving to New York? Need to transfer your electric service? Start with Con Edison’s website. It’s your gateway to a reliable service in the city that never sleeps.

Gas Service New York City

In New York City, besides the electric power scene, we see important natural gas services. Mainly, Con Edison and National Grid serve this need.

Gas Service New York City

Con Edison, known for electricity, also provides natural gas in Manhattan, the Bronx, and northern Queens. If you live there, Con Edison covers both your electricity and gas needs. This makes managing utilities simpler for many in New York.

National Grid takes care of gas in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and most of Queens. As a global utility company, it ensures dependable gas service in these vibrant areas.

Setting up or moving your gas service with Con Edison or National Grid is easy online. This lets you keep your home or business running smoothly, all year, without hassle.

Water Utility New York

In New York City, managing your water utility is straightforward. Most landlords include this service in your rent, simplifying the billing process. Always check your lease to confirm. This step avoids surprise charges.

Homeowners must contact the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) to set up water services. The process is easy. Help is always available on the NYC DEP customer service page. Moving or transferring services within the city is smooth with the Department of Environmental Protection’s help.

Phone/Internet/Cable Providers


In New York City, you can choose from big names like Optimum, Spectrum, and Verizon for your phone, internet, and cable needs. Each offers different services and deals. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Optimum provides fast internet, TV, and phone services. They have many packages, helping you find what suits your needs.
  • Spectrum offers internet, TV, and phone services without contracts. This means you can change your plan anytime.
  • Verizon is known for its fast fiber-optic internet, along with TV and phone services. It’s good for those needing high-speed connections.

Each company has its strengths. Optimum has various bundles. Spectrum lets you change plans easily. Verizon offers fast internet. Think about what you value most—speed, flexibility, or deals. This will guide you to the best choice in NYC.


Understanding Energy Deregulation

In New York City, you can now pick your energy supplier, thanks to energy deregulation. This change has reshaped the energy supply and use across the city. By splitting the energy supply from its delivery, deregulation has sparked a competitive market. You, the consumer, can choose your Energy Service Company (ESCO).

This freedom lets you shop for an energy supplier that fits your needs best, focusing on cost, customer service, or green energy. With ESCOs, you’re not stuck with one provider for electricity and gas. Instead, you have a range of companies to choose from, each with different pricing and energy sources.

Energy deregulation in New York aimed to boost competition, lower prices, and better service. It also lets consumers like you make choices for more sustainable energy use, offering options for renewable energy. This move helps your budget and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Main Utilities Provider for New York City?

Wondering about NYC’s utility provider? It’s Con Edison. They have history, wide service, reliability, and green efforts. Their customer service, outage handling, and safety are top-notch.

How Do I Choose an Electricity Provider in Nyc?

To pick an electricity provider in NYC, compare green options. Use tools to compare rates. Think about fixed versus variable rates. Look at customer service scores, contract terms, and check for green certificates and tips to save energy.

How Many Utility Companies Are There in New York?

In New York, more than 230 utility companies exist. They show a mix of energy types, rules, and green efforts. Each company has its own history, reliability, and ways to protect customers.

Who Is the Cheapest Energy Supplier in New York?

To find New York’s cheapest energy supplier, compare rates, review contracts, and explore renewable options. Consider green energy, rate locks, and bundles for best comparisons.


Navigating NYC’s major utilities can be simple. Power your apartment, heat your home, ensure water flow, and stay connected with ease. Thanks to energy deregulation, you have the freedom to choose your electric and gas provider. Explore and compare rates. For water, phone, internet, and cable, diverse plans meet different needs. Take control. Compare. Choose wisely for your NYC life.

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