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Perhaps you spend much more time at home than you are used to and pay more attention to your living space. What about the drops, drops, drops that you hear and can no longer ignore? Of course, there is some work in a house that should be left to professional hands, but there are many things you can do yourself!

No need to spend fortunes to change things at home. Walking into a home improvement store can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking your project into your own hands should feel inspiring—so walk into this store like a boss!

If you’re browsing Pinterest for inspiration or have a vision in mind, you should then be considering things such as what needs to be improved in your residence. Is it for functionality, decor, or both? If you’re thinking about throwing away your old sofas, you can restore them instead. Do you find your walls look a bit dull? Learn how to paint a room to transform your space. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of redoing your kitchen, try changing some of the fixtures or redoing your kitchen with a focus on your cabinets. Here are a few more basic home improvement skills to keep in your back pocket.

Add Some Color to Your Stairs

Buying new stairs to replace the old and lackluster one can be very expensive. So here is our recommendation. Paint your stairs to look like they have a carpeted floor. It brings the homey aspect and the warm sensation of a carpet, without having to own a carpet. Elegant metal stair railings can also enhance the style of your home. If you’re going to take on this challenge, be aware that painting is not a clean process. Even though people cover furniture and wear old clothes, they often forget about their phone! You may think this is silly clumsiness, but believe, this happens a lot! Put your phone in a simple plastic zipper bag and it’s paint free and you can still use the screen.

Focus On the House Fixtures

Upgrading the room should not break the budget. Without undergoing a major overhaul, you can get a facelift in the kitchen and bathroom by replacing knobs and handles. You can find them at many affordables shops or in an antique store to add character and bring your personality into your home.

Consider replacing light fixtures to change the atmosphere of the room. Think about chandeliers in the hallway or over the dining table, or new lighting over the bathroom vanity.

Upgrade Switch Plates

It’s a quick, easy and affordable way to refresh a room. For every room, choose a finish that mimics it. For example, you can replace all kitchen switches with stainless ones to match your appliances and give the room a more cohesive feel. You can create your own plate with a simple decoupage method.

Start by printing textiles in your room. It can be an embroidery on a pillow, or a stripe, or a texture from a window treatment. After printing, cut the paper about 1/3 inch larger than the plate itself, coat the front of the plate with varnish, press the paper against the plate, fold along the edges towards the back, and trim the corners. Use a sharp knife to cut the opening of the switch open and fold it back gently again, folding along the edges back, and then simply brush the varnish on the back of the plate again to secure the paper. Need a break? Enter the world of gambling and get access to amazing games from poker, blackjack to slot machines!  With the Bizzo Casino platform you’ll find all the games you need for an entertaining moment with bonuses!

Arrange and Show Your Photos

Many of us have boxes of old photos with nowhere to show and new photos locked on our phones. Get rid of the traditional old photo frames and printed photo boxes and consider going digital. With the digital frame, you can immediately upload new images directly from your phone, bringing some variety to a static environment while keeping it updated and clean.

Free Up More Space In Your Closet

Vertical storage systems are ideal for homeowners who have a lot of stuff but not enough space. Start by looking for studs with a stud finder before making a shelf placement decision. Attach the brackets/clamps and slide the shelf lath. As long as you can manipulate a drill and a nail finder, the process should take an hour or two, no more. You can purchase kits or make your own shelves and follow the assembly instructions.

You can also add an organization to an existing closet. Let’s say you have a small closet that is well laid out, but you need extra storage space inside it. For shelves, we recommend adding a few inexpensive shelf dividers to create more organized stacks. Double your hanging space with an extension cord. The cabinet door is usually unused real estate, add hooks or hanging bars to the cabinet door. Hanging baskets under the shelf are ideal for small items such as scarves, gloves, jewelry, or hand towels and laundry towels.

Make It Easier to Access Your Cutlery

While it seems simple, making commonly used appliances more accessible can make a surprising difference. For example, to avoid the hassle of removing a mixer every time you’re in the kitchen baking, you can easily mount it on a lift mechanism inside the bottom kitchen cabinet.

The lift pivots so that you can extend the mixer and place it at the working level; when you’re done using it, you can simply lower the ledge and slide it back into the cabinet.

Upgrade the Laundry Room Door

If you store your washer and dryer in a closet with doors, these doors are the key to noise reduction.

Louvred or slatted doors are actually letting dust particles escape. As a consequence, your HVAC system may need more maintenance. Lynch recommends an easy DIY method that will fix this problem. Replace your louvered door with a solid one. Also, consider adding a hook to hang your ironing board directly from the door instead of storing it on the side. Thanks to this, it is always within reach without taking up additional space.

Bathroom Mirror Frame

If you have a boring mirror, this is the perfect trick to make it unique. You will need a chipper saw, construction adhesive and eye protection.

First, choose a finish that will look amazing around the edges of the mirror. Measure the dimensions of your mirror, marking the longest measurements from corner to corner. Set the saw table at a 45 degree angle and cut. Size your pieces before applying glue and paint, and decorate accordingly. Next and finally, apply construction adhesive to the back of the trim pieces. We get to the final step: take a duct tape and use it to hold the pieces in place, starting at the low end and ending at the top.

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