How Banks Can Boost Cross-Selling: The Ultimate Guide


A healthy bank is able to successfully pitch their services to new and existing clients through a variety of channels. This is referred to as cross-selling and is a necessary part of your bank’s marketing strategy.

The process is usually pretty confusing and results in a lot of trial and error. After all, if potential customers feel annoyed or bombarded your results are going to be disappointing.

There are various software marketing tools you need to keep an eye on to be successful here. And I’m going to break down the best practices you can implement for an ideal outcome.

What Methods Can You Rely On?

When your marketing team gets together, you need to draft a formal strategy in order to succeed here. Your team needs to think like a company and consider what customers want more in their user experience.

Why Mobile App Development Is A Modern Necessity

Many guides will recommend emails and texts to keep customers engaged. But what if I told you they’re actually counterproductive? Well, it’s true! Most customers take one look at a text or email from their bank and ignore it.

This is where mobile app development comes in. The psychology behind it, is that when customers open up a banking app they’re in a much more receptive frame of mind. If you send an email or text, customers generally disregard it because it’s so general.

Some points to consider:

  • Use big data to customize the user experience
    • Offer attractive interest rates if the customer is looking at loans
    • Use transactional data to advertise relevant services (insurance schemes, mortgage rates, investment schemes)
  • Acquire and analyze user data efficiently
  • Push notifications on mobile are generally less intrusive

How CRM Plays A Role

Similarly, employing CRM custom software is highly advantageous. While many banks operate through a customer support company, you can have fully automotive CRM in-house with the right software development.

This is a tool that can maintain up to date information logs and make it easier for your team to divide their time across different tasks.

By building up your CRM department, you’re in a stronger position to boost cross-selling. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • Maintain organized data profiles on customers for targeted campaigns
  • Analyze whether a cross-selling campaign was successful or not
  • Streamline various cross-selling activities by improving internal communications


For any bank, the main focus needs to be on CRM custom software and mobile app development. While many guides will suggest that you employ pushy tactics for quick boosts, I wouldn’t vouch for them.

The more strategic and methodical your approach, the better. Cross-selling isn’t known for being easy but with the right plan you can simplify it immensely.

Trying to force more services onto customers is more problematic than most realize. While persistence is key, it’s only required in good measure.

Using CRM alongside a banking app, allows customers to come to you in a receptive state. Combining that with predictive analytics tools enables you to have a conversation with customers without anyone saying a single word.

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