How Can You Improve Your Home at a Low Cost Before Selling It?


Are you ready to purchase a new home? Has the time come to improve your current residence so it brings in a better price? Few people want to spend a lot of money fixing up their current residence when they plan to buy a new one, but doing so could significantly increase the asking price. What are some low-cost things you can do to improve the house before it goes on the market? 

Call in the Professionals

Call in a realtor, such as those found at, to learn where changes need to be made to the home before it goes on the market. An interior designer serves as another professional who may be of help, but designers often charge a fee for these services. Realtors typically do it as a courtesy, as they hope to get your business when you sell. These professionals can advise you on minor improvements that may improve the look and feel of the house. 


Add some shrubs and colorful plants to the yard. Choose native plants because they require less maintenance and water. Buyers appreciate how the foliage adds to the curb appeal of the property and the fact they won’t have to spend countless hours maintaining the yard. 


Potential buyers look at a recently painted room and see a fresh and updated residence. Select neutrals when painting the home, as they appeal to more people. Individuals find they can paint an average room in their home for under $50, including all supplies. Furthermore, paint the front door. Some buyers may never enter the home if they don’t like the exterior. Zillow reports painting the front door black can raise the asking price of the home by more than $6,000.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings fell out of favor many years ago. Removing these ceilings isn’t as difficult as many people imagine. In fact, the average person can tackle this project in a day when they are removing the popcorn ceiling in a small room. As they move to bigger rooms in the home, they find removing the popcorn texture takes less time thanks to the experience they gained in the small room. 

Mature Trees

Buyers love homes with mature trees. If you don’t have any in your yard, plant shade trees. Invest in ones that are older to draw people in. However, carefully consider the placement of the trees, as a fully grown tree placed strategically in the yard can reduce energy costs by 40 percent in the summer. 

A Clean Home

Spend the money to have a cleaning company come in and do a deep cleaning of the residence. The service ensures no nooks and crannies in the home have been overlooked. As a result, a potential buyer walks into a residence that is clean and sparkling. 

Make Your Home Look Bigger

Buyers often reject a home that looks and feels small. Remove drapes in the home and replace them with vertical blinds or shutters. This allows more light into the room and makes it look larger. Place a large mirror in small rooms to make them look bigger than they are. Additionally, remove any clutter to make the room feel less cramped. 

Minor changes make major differences in a home. There’s no need to spend a fortune improving a house you are preparing to sell. With these slight changes, you bring in more money and will appreciate these funds as you decorate your new residence. 

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