How Can You Style Your Chemo Scarf?


Chemo scarves have been nothing short of a blessing for women undergoing treatment for cancer. They are made of fabrics that are soft, gentle, and have antiperspirant properties. They help your skin breathe. The fibre is able to adjust according to the skin’s temperature, making you feel cool in the heat and warm on cold days. If you have alopecia or are undergoing chemo, this is the perfect option for covering your bald spots or shaved head.

Here are some ideas for you to wear your chemo scarves:

1. Bohemian

This is a fun look that can be worn in any season. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Place your scarf on the head unfolded in a way that one edge is along the forehead.
  • Take both ends and knot them on the back of the head.
  • Move this knot to either side of the head and make a bow. In case you don’t like the bow, you can simply let the ends fall and get a casual look.

2. Classic

For this style, you will need a square scarf. Here is what you have to do:

  • Fold your scarf in half to have a triangle shape.
  • Put the triangle over the head. The widest part should be facing forward and should line the upper forehead.
  • Next, cross the ends under the chin. You can place the ends on either the side of the neck or the back.
  • Tie the ends into a knot.

3. Rosette Wrap

This is an easy and versatile look that is very popular among cancer patients. It only takes about a minute and looks great with almost every outfit. Here is what you have to do:

  • Find the mid part of your scarf and place it on the middle of the forehead.
  • Get both the ends to the back and tie a knot.
  • Pull the knot to one side and twist both ends.
  • You can wrap the scarf’s twisted ends around the knot and tuck the ends in.

4. Twist and Shout

This is a fine and flattering way for which you will need a rectangular scarf. Even though it goes best with a comfy sweater or a flowy shrug, you can wear it with almost anything. Follow these steps to make this style:

  • For this, you have to place it so that the front is at your forehead’s centre.
  • Next, pull each side over the ears and make them meet at the back of the neck and knot them.
  • Get the two sides to the front and twist them to the ends.
  • Lastly, pull the twist over your forehead and tuck in the ends so that it looks like a headband. You can experiment and be creative with tucking the twist.

5. Up in Knots

This style, which provides low coverage, requires a narrow and thin scarf. It is best suited for you if you want your head to breathe, especially during those summer months. Here is how you do it:

  • Fold your scarf in half and centre it at the back of the neck.
  • Next, bring both ends to one ear and tie them in a knot.
  • Twist both sides together to their ends and wrap it around the knot.
  • Lastly, tuck the twist.

If you have breast cancer and are currently going through treatment, please remember that you are not alone. Regardless of what your case is, you deserve to look beautiful and feel strong. Experiencing hair loss is a totally normal effect of chemotherapy, but it shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident in yourself. By using your chemo scarves in a trendy and fashionable way, you can trust your style through your chemotherapy sessions and be the beautiful woman that you are.

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