How Did Bella Abzug Influence the Women’s Movement in New York Politics?


Bella Abzug, a titan of feminist politics and a fearless advocate for women’s rights, left an indelible mark on New York’s political landscape. Her career, characterized by bold actions and even bolder words, offers a fascinating study of how one woman’s determination can catalyze change within the rigid structures of politics. This article delves into Abzug’s contributions to the women’s movement and her lasting legacy in New York politics.

Early Life and Entry into Politics

From Law to Legislation

Bella Savitzky Abzug’s early life set the stage for a career marked by advocacy and change. Born to Russian-Jewish immigrants in New York City, her passion for justice was evident from an early age. Her legal education at Columbia Law School, where she was one of the few women in her class, equipped her with the tools to challenge the status quo. Abzug’s transition from law to legislation was fueled by her commitment to civil rights and labor movements, laying a robust foundation for her future in politics. Her legal practice, notably defending the rights of workers and fighting against racial discrimination, underscored her dedication to equality and justice. This early work not only established her as a formidable advocate but also as a voice for those marginalized by society, seamlessly transitioning her from the courtroom to the corridors of power in the political arena.

A Political Debut with a Bang

Bella Abzug’s entry into the political arena was nothing short of revolutionary. Winning a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives marked a significant milestone, not just for her but for women across the nation. Her election was a testament to a changing America, where the voices of women began to echo louder in halls previously dominated by men. Abzug’s vibrant campaign, encapsulated by her memorable slogan, not only challenged traditional norms but also embodied the growing demand for female representation in government. Her victory in 1970 symbolized a shift towards inclusivity and diversity in American politics, paving the way for future generations of women leaders. Abzug’s debut set a powerful precedent, demonstrating that women possessed not only the right but the capability to shape policy and influence the nation’s direction at the highest levels.

women surrounding the president signing the Proclamation on Women's Equality Day

Championing Women’s Rights in Politics

Abzug’s political career was characterized by her dedication to elevating women’s issues to the forefront of the national dialogue. She understood that true democracy could only be achieved when women, constituting half the population, were fully represented and their rights protected. Through her advocacy, Abzug worked to dismantle the institutional barriers that had long excluded women from the political process, advocating for legislation to ensure women’s voices were heard and heeded in the corridors of power.

Legislative Achievements

  • Equality in the Workforce: Abzug co-sponsored the Equality Act of 1974, aimed at eliminating discrimination based on sex in the workforce, a significant stride toward gender equality.
  • Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights: She was a staunch advocate for women’s health issues and reproductive rights, supporting legislation that sought to provide women with comprehensive health services.

In championing these causes, Bella Abzug did not just contribute to advancing women’s rights; she helped transform the societal landscape, making it more inclusive and equitable. Her legislative achievements in promoting equality in the workforce and advocating for women’s health and reproductive rights are enduring components of her legacy, reflecting her profound impact on American society and her visionary approach to politics. Through her work, Abzug laid the groundwork for future generations to continue the fight for justice, equality, and the protection of women’s rights.

Founding the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC)

In 1971, alongside other feminist icons like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, Abzug co-founded the NWPC, an organization dedicated to increasing women’s participation in all areas of political life. The NWPC was instrumental in training and supporting women candidates for political office, significantly impacting New York politics by increasing the number of women in elected and appointed positions.

Breaking Barriers and Setting Precedents

A Voice for the Voiceless

Abzug’s advocacy wasn’t limited to women’s rights. She was a vocal critic of the Vietnam War. She played a crucial role in legislation aimed at environmental conservation, consumer protection, and the rights of marginalized communities, including the LGBTQ+ community. Her efforts showcased her belief in intersectionality before the term became a staple in feminist discourse.

The Power of Representation

Abzug’s tenure in Congress and subsequent political endeavors, including a bid for the U.S. Senate and the New York City Mayor’s office, underscored the importance of female representation in politics. She demonstrated that women could lead with strength, intellect, and compassion, challenging the status quo and inspiring future generations of women leaders.

Legacy and Influence on New York Politics

Paving the Way for Future Leaders

Abzug’s impact on New York politics is measured not just by the laws she helped pass or the positions she held but also by the doors she opened for other women. Her legacy is visible in the increased number of women in New York’s political sphere and the broader national stage, where women have since taken on roles as senators, representatives, and even presidential candidates.

Education and Advocacy

  • Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI): Her legacy continues through the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, which trains young women and girls in leadership and advocacy, ensuring that Abzug’s commitment to empowerment and equality endures.

A Lasting Symbol of Feminist Political Activism

Abzug’s life and career are powerful examples of how dedicated activism and political involvement can effect change. She is remembered for her contributions to the women’s movement and as a symbol of the broader struggle for equality and justice.


Bella Abzug’s influence on the women’s movement and New York politics is profound and lasting. Through her legislative efforts, advocacy, and being a formidable presence in a male-dominated arena, she changed the course of political history. Abzug’s legacy teaches us the power of voice, the importance of representation, and the unending fight for equality. Her story is a testament to the impact one individual can have on the fabric of society, encouraging future generations to pursue justice with unwavering determination.

In reflecting on Abzug’s contributions, it’s clear that her spirit continues to inspire and shape the landscape of women’s rights and political activism. Her bold approach to politics, marked by a refusal to be silent in the face of injustice, remains a guiding light for those who seek to follow in her footsteps. Bella Abzug’s legacy is not just in the laws she helped change or her positions but in the ongoing fight for equality and the belief that everyone deserves a seat at the table of power.

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