How Do You Get a Girlfriend if You’re Shy


Many people of different ages still have not found their partner. Some experience difficulties due to work or study, and someone is not ready for a serious relationship. But most often, young guys are embarrassed to meet girls in public places. Why is this happening?

The new generation is accustomed to the world of social networks, where everybody can learn a lot about other people from their photos, posts, or personal information on their profiles. Men can figure out what to text a girl besides a simple “Hi.” However, dating on the street, in parks, or bars can seem complicated. This article will be helpful for every man who wonders: “How to find women near me?”.


Introverted behavior may seem rude to a girl. Shy guys should start with small but pleasant deeds. For example, women are respected if men open the door for them, show their manners, and act like gentlemen. Some girls love shy guys when they act a little introverted and well-behaved.

When the first steps have already been taken, it is essential for men to listen carefully to the girl, ask questions, smile, and be open to conversations. These actions will relieve the anxiety and constraint. It is better to start with a small talk somewhere in a public place, which will flow into a date or an exchange of numbers. Guys shouldn’t be too pushy. However, shyness and silence can seem like disinterest, so it’s important to strike a balance and act naturally to explain how to meet a girl if you are shy.


Women appreciate sincere men who are not afraid of their feelings and intentions. Guys who are too shy to date should practice the little things. For example, winking and smiling at strangers on the street. It’s okay if some turn away or don’t smile back. These practices are aimed at increasing self-confidence and internal attitude toward females.

A lot of men use these hacks in bars when the atmosphere is getting friendly. Guys should choose places where people come to relax and unwind. The girl is more inclined to dialogue in bars, nightclubs, or at parties.

Practice with friends

Practice with friends

If a guy has a sister, a female friend, or a colleague, he should try to find out more about what girls love from her. Most women appreciate confidence, masculinity, and sincerity in men, so the basic preferences of women are universal. An introverted guy may ask for some advice from his friends or colleagues.

Experts advise men to learn more about the places where it is convenient to meet someone and about the words that men should say. This knowledge will be useful for shy people who do not have experience in dating and relationships. They can also practice flirting and talking to girls with their female friends.


Single men often forget about the elementary rules of self-care and clothes choosing. Aesthetics and a neat appearance is the main rule when meeting girls. Few people will pay attention to a man with a scruffy face, a dirty head, or in old clothes. Experienced pick-up artists identify a few basic rules:

  • Neat nails. This little thing says a lot about the appearance of a man and his upbringing.
  • A fresh haircut. Guys should take care of their hair, as it helps to look better.
  • Matching outfit. Stylish things affect the image and speak of a man as a serious and neat person.
  • Clean shoes and fresh breath. The more green flags a girl sees in the man’s appearance, the more she likes him.

Many men buy several perfumes to complement their looks. The guy should try his best to look cute and clean all the time to get a girlfriend, as it is a question of image and reputation.

Location selection

Big cities have many restaurants, parks, clubs, and bars where girls often hang out. Inexperienced guys can use these locations as a great place to practice. They should use the tips written above to attract a girl. The safest thing to do is start with small talk, compliments, and open-ended questions to lure her into the heat. Experienced men are advised to buy a woman coffee, a cocktail, or other drink to show their generosity and good breeding.

Rejection is okay. The fact that the girl said no might mean that she already has a boyfriend, or she came to relax and forget about her daily routine with no thoughts about dating. Men should learn not to take rejection too personally. They just move on, talking to other girls.

Online dating

If a guy is not confident in his abilities and is afraid to start his practise of communicating with girls in real life, he should register on special dating sites. Meetville is one of the most convenient services. It was developed for dating, communication, and creating couples. Here men can find girlfriends, permanent partners, one-night-stand, or someone in the neighborhood.

They should pick up a few good photos of themselves and come up with a description. Most often, people indicate their interests, hobbies, place of study or work, height, and weight. These parameters will help the man choose a couple that is perfect for his expectations. This dating platform is ideal for shy guys who can’t meet women outside. A large selection of girls’ profiles of different ages, cultures, and nations is waiting for them here.


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