How long does it take to paint a 3 bedroom house?


Have you decided that it is time to repaint your home? Are you thinking of using the next weekend for the job? Well if you have a 3 bedroom house, 2-3 days may not be enough. Depending on the size of the house, complexity of painting and several other factors the job may stretch into more than a few days.

If you are planning to DIY, then you will need even more time as you may not be an expert. Professional Painting Company In Brisbane will come with a team and put together a project plan sequencing each task and thus taking the project to a quick closure. The DIY painting projects usually take much longer because of the preparation required to achieve the results.

Factors that determine the time taken for painting

The exact time taken to paint a house is an interplay of several factors, such as:

  • Size of the house: It is obvious that bigger homes or rooms will take longer to paint.
  • Condition of the surface: Preparation is important to achieve great results. If the surface is not cleaned and prepared then surface imperfections get revealed.
  • Weather: Rain, humidity, snow and heat all effect the drying time needed.
  • Number of colours: Standard work is usually one coat of white on the ceiling and two coats of coloured paint on the walls. If you change the number of colours the application time will increase.
  • Renovation or new construction: Painting new construction is usually faster and doesn’t make much time, whereas painting during renovation takes longer as you need to fix damages.
  • Pain applicator: Typically brushes or rollers are used for painting interiors. In high end homes spray paints are used and these take much longer to complete.

Step by step guide on painting stages

Whether you hire a wall painting contractor or DIY the below guide will help you in estimating the time needed for painting:

Preparation : Day 1 to 3

Preparation is important to give you the desired results. It involves filling the cracks, removing any flaky paint, sanding the walls. Cleaning means removing any dirt, pressure washing surfaces where needed and then allowing all surfaces to dry up fully. In the preparation time you may also include the time needed for packing your furniture, protecting the floor, windows, tiles and carpets. Though these appear to be simple tasks, but they take a lot of planning and time. Good painting contractor will include these services as a part of their offerings and quotes.

Painting : Day 4 to 6

Painting needs to be done carefully for it look nice and last long. A professional painter will have all the tools required to paint the home. If you hire professionals you can continue with your life and work as usual while the experts do the painting.

Cleaning : Day 7

Once the painting is done, dedicated time will be needed for cleaning up, removing all the supplies, unpacking furniture and disposing off any used material.

This is a rough estimate of the time needed at each stage of painting and can act as a guideline for you.

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