How Much Does It Cost To Move To/In New York?


While the average New Yorker will move twice a year on average, the city is bombarded by newcomers on a regular basis all year long. The city is, by far, one of the most coveted places you could choose to turn over a new leaf and many fantasize about hiring some New York cross country moving companies one day and relocating here.

Living in NYC is, undoubtedly, exciting and fun but it can also be quite expensive because of the high living cost here. Before you are ready to personally dive into the cultural melting pot and become one of the residents of this fascinating city, take a look at a few pointers and guidelines regarding the moving and living expenses here.

Moving From Within The City

New York is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the US, if not the most expensive city to live in. Accordingly, the cost of moving here will also usually be higher than the cost of moving to any other American city.

Moving house and simply relocating from an old NY address to another one found a few blocks away means having to hire several moving technicians and renting their services for a few hours. This could cost around $500 for the entire moving job. However, the final bill will depend on the particularities of your move, the volume and weight of your cargo, any special packing and moving requirements you might have, whether you need temporary storage or not, the time of the week when you plan on moving, and so on.

Make sure you look for a service that can provide you with their own packing and moving supplies for securing all your boxes and heavy or bulky furniture. Also, see if you can find a mover who offers eco-friendly packaging.

Moving From Out Of The City

If you are moving to NY from a location that is up to an hour away from your address, you should expect to be charged for an entire moving day’s worth of work, as well as at least one additional worker. The move might cost up to $1,500 and sometimes more, depending on your exact needs.

Moving to New York from hundreds of miles away and needing some extra assistance and additional moving staff will also round the final numbers on your bill up to $10,000. This is particularly true for a relocation that also requires airfare from your old address to NYC.

The best movers can assist you with cool discounts for veterans, students, and other special categories, so you might be able to save some money. Give a few movers a call and ask for some quotes to know just what to expect.

How Much Does Living In NYC Cost?

Depending on the chosen NY borough, you could expect to pay around $370,000 for a home in The Bronx, and up to $850,000 if you wish to buy a home and become a property owner in Manhattan.

As for rental prices, you will need to prepare anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on the chosen borough and area in it. Practice due diligence when selecting your new home in NY, and hunt down some good deals. Keep in mind that the deposits here are three times the size of the established monthly rent. For example, you will need to pay $8000 for the first month for a monthly rent of $2000.

The cost of living here is 70% higher than the average in the country while living in Manhattan will cost two times more than the national average.

If you are still determined to move here, hire an expert mover who can give you a good price and some nice discounts and look for a well-paid job so you can enjoy a nice lifestyle here.

Moving to the Bronx?

This borough has climbed the ladder of NYC’s top locations to find a home. Compared to other places in New York, the Bronx is relatively affordable. It offers access to all the significant aspects of living in the Big Apple. The Bronx is a unique place that will ensure you’ve got a bit of everything – art, culture, sports, beach, and more. However, moving to the Bronx can be equally complicated as moving to any other place in the country, and it’s necessary to plan the process to avoid accidents.

Have enough time to do everything

Moving house is not easy. There’s so much to do and often very little time. Experts from Best Movers NYC recommend you dedicate a couple of months to the preparation. Packing, researching moving teams, transferring addresses, and sorting out documentation takes time and energy. Make sure you have an early start so you don’t get overwhelmed by the process.

Take measurements and pack smart

Make sure you know the difference between your old and new place before packing. If you’re coming from another state, it can easily happen that your new Bronx home is smaller than the old one. This will require paying special attention to what you’ll pack. Declutter your home first and then take the necessary measurements to see if your items will fit the new place. Removing the things you no longer need will not only make packing faster, but you can also save a lot.

Trust only reliable professionals

There are plenty of moving businesses in NYC. Unfortunately, not all of them will make your move safer and easier. That’s why it’s crucial to engage the best ones in this field and ensure security and professionalism are the top priority with this move. Even if you’re moving locally to another Bronx location, never underestimate the safety of the moving process. Both local and interstate moves can get equally complicated, so choosing a reliable team is a must.

It’s time to explore the Bronx

After making it your new home, it’s time to explore this great borough. Hopefully, this selection of the must-visit historical sites and museums in the Bronx will help you decide on your itinerary.


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