How scaling New York startups search for talent and recruit workers in Australia


When a startup enters its expansion phase, it will need plenty of new employees and it will need them fast. Startups more than any other traditional businesses understand the importance of casting a wide net and hiring the best professionals for a job, no matter where they are located. Take, for instance, New York startups. They don’t have a problem with hiring talented employees even from Australia. If the guy is good they’ll take him.

Here’s how Australians can benefit from this new trend and find a job in the Big Apple.

How do I go about finding a job with a New York startup?

The most important thing you need is guts. Startups begin their journey based on an idea. Someone has a dream and the guts to follow it. This is why startups recognize guts as an important quality in a future employee. If you live in Sydney and have the guts to apply for a job with a startup in New York you show them that you have the ability to dream big and you’re the type of person who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. Such qualities are more important than having the best qualification ever.

In practical terms, check out the job boards and see if you find something suitable for you. Most recruiting agents work online and it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world. You can still click on the job ad. 

The next step is to apply for the job of your dreams.

Do I need a background check?

As you were probably taught in school, when you apply for a job you’ll have to send your CV. We all know what a hassle writing a good CV can be. Try your best, but focus more on the application letter. Recruiting agents are much more interested in you and your personality, than your educational background and employment history.

Startups are challenging the norms of traditional business and this is obvious even in their hiring strategy. They’re looking for the right people, people that can fit in with the company culture.

When they assess the personality of a potential employee, recruiting agents will want to know about your criminal record. Just saying you don’t have a criminal history is not enough. They’ll want proof of that. That’s not much of a problem since you can order a background check on yourself online. Just look up character check agencies like the Australian national character check (ANCC) and apply for a police background check in a few easy steps. 

You’ll get the results back in a couple of days and make sure to keep that email on file. If a New York employer asks for it, you can easily forward it to them.

Or you can send it to them even before they ask. It shows initiative and that you’re the kind of guy that likes to plan ahead. These are also important qualities for people looking to work for a startup company.

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