How To Apply For Ignition Interlock Participation


An ignition interlock device is a breath analyzer that measures the alcohol content in a sample breath. You can speak with intoxalock customer service to learn more about it.

How does an ignition interlock work?

It is connected to the ignition of a vehicle and will not allow the car to start if the breath-alcohol concentration (BAC) of a driver exceeds 0.02%. This is what is termed lockout.

Also, while driving, the driver will be prompt to blow into the device to ensure that he or she is not driving under influence, and if such occurrences (I.e driving under influence) the ignition interlock device will lock out the vehicle for a while to avail the driver check what causes the increases. in their alcohol content on their breathing.

Whether or not applying for ignition interlock participation is a must?

Anyone who is convicted for any alcohol driving offense depending on the gravity of the offense may either choose to enroll in an ignition interlock program in place of any other sanction that the court or the state may impose. Such sanctions may be revoking the driver’s driving license for a period of 6 months to 5 years (for repeated offenders).

The minimum period that can be spent in an ignition interlock program is six months to 12 months depending also on the gravity of the offense of the State’s requirements.

How to apply for an ignition interlock program in your state.

Every state has varying requirements but most states provide you apply for the application at a DMV in your states and of which the following eligibility requirements must be satisfied.

  • You must fill out an ignition interlock device application and obtain High-Risk Insurance.
  • Have held such state driving license immediately before revocation.
  • You have been convicted in court for an alcohol-related offense or have had your license administratively revoked due to an alcohol-related offense.
  • That you do not have any other or additional, pending license revocations or suspensions.
  • That you have not been convicted to have caused injury or death while driving a vehicle in any jurisdiction.
  • That you have not unsuccessfully participated in this program or any of same in another state in the last five years
  • Completing the application form and paying the necessary fees.
  • Maintenance of a High-Risk Insurance
  • Meeting such other criteria that may be warranted by any such state of which you applied for, for the ignition interlock program.

How to apply for an ignition interlock program in another state.

Moving to another state, but you have an ignition interlock device IID program requirements from your previous home state or you are an out-of-state driver. You must ensure you meet the requirements of such state you wish to move to.

Most state requirements for this are as follows;

  • Provision of terms of IID restriction of another state to such a new state.
  • Submission of a certified copy of your driving history issued by the state that imposed the IID restriction.
  • You must be currently enrolled in your home state for an IID program 30 days before your moving to another state and must have at least one vehicle installed with an IID 30 days before the date of application in the new state.
  • Follow other requirements as obtained from the new state or jurisdiction.
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