How to Check a Private Insta Account?


Instagram is growing immensely over the years, with over 1.3 billion active users now active every month to enjoy visual content from people worldwide. Instagram is a go-to social media platform for many users to maintain connections with more people.

Most personal accounts are private, whereas business accounts, influencers, or celebrities typically keep their accounts public. Of course, all users can customize their privacy settings for what content and information can be seen or shared. But now, you can check private accounts differently, including using a private Instagram viewer. So, this article will cover a few possible ways to check private Insta accounts.

Methods to Check the Private Instagram Account: 

If you wish to view the posts of a private Instagram account without a follow request, you can try posting in the comments of a public post from the same user. Doing this can attract the owner’s attention, and they may accept your follow request.

Otherwise, you can also try researching online for third-party tools like a private Instagram viewer to check different posts of a private account. However, here is a list of different ways to check private accounts on Instagram.

1. Google Search about the Instagram Account

Using Google to find someone’s Instagram content can effectively uncover public photos and posts on their profile. However, it could be more effective to discover an Instagram story that is only visible for 24 hours. One option for bypassing the privacy set up by an individual Instagram account is to ask for permission to view their posts.

It is considered the most straightforward way as it doesn’t involve any sketchy tactics and does not raise any red flags. Additionally, Google searches to find general account information for an Instagram profile.

Google Search about the Instagram Account

2. Send The Follow Request

People usually wish to keep their Instagram accounts closed to the public because of many good reasons. The only way to access the information of these profiles is to send a request to follow and then wait for request approval. The waiting time for acceptance may vary, depending on how often the user checks notifications.

However, if you do not wish to wait longer, you can use any private Instagram viewer to check their profiles anonymously. You can check their posted content, photos, videos, stories, reels, and everything without going through the process of requesting permission.

Send The Follow Request

3. Using the Outsourced Tool for Accessing the Instagram Account

An alternative way to view private Instagram accounts is to use a specialized online tool. These devices provide users with content access to content with privacy settings for advanced protection.

These settings include free-to-use plans or require a fee according to the package. You can try a few methods without having malicious practices. You can start by sending a request to follow the performance.

If they accept it, you’ll be able to see their profile and updates. However, you can still view the profile if denied by searching for the username on a web browser. You can also look it up through a mutual friend’s account.

You can also create a fake account to gain access more quickly. However, it is highly advised to use it carefully. Additionally, if you can access somebody’s profile or content, ask for consent before sharing it.

4. Make A Duplicate Platform

This strategy involves emulating another Instagram user. Different social media platforms are rigorous in authenticating the legitimacy of individuals; however, some people still attempt to mirror another’s profile to gain access.

To do this, research takes place across multiple sites to become familiar with the target. The imposter will then try to replicate this person’s profile by mimicking posts, photos, and comments. This technique is not risky if you know how to do it with the proper technique. Nevertheless, it is a strategy some use to access another’s profile.

Make A Duplicate Platform

5. Search on Other Social Media Networks

If a private Instagram account cannot be located, it may be beneficial to start by searching for them on other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. But, if you want to follow them on Instagram without letting them know anything, use a private Instagram viewer. It could be the route to finding the person’s Instagram page.

Though some other social networks may be blocked, it is worth trying to see if any posts from these accounts appear on these different platforms. A bonus is that this strategy does not involve any moral consequences.

Search on Other Social Media Networks

6. Use Instagram Mod

Instagram Mod is a third-party app by which you can avoid standard security measures and view the profiles of private accounts. Users can easily access their usernames and get access to personal profiles.

The app offers a range of functions in its free packages. It includes the ability to follow and unfollow the users. You can also comment on their profiles, send direct messages, view private images, etc.

7. Take Access Through Other People Profiles 

Having a mutual friend with the person whose private Instagram profile you are trying to access can be a great help. You can get access to their profile through one of the shared contacts.

You can ask a mutual friend if they allow you to view the profile using their account. If you have a strong relationship with this person, suggest that they provide you with screenshots of any posts or images they have posted.


Checking private Instagram accounts has become easy and less time-taking. With the advent of technology, there are now several third-party apps like a private Instagram viewer that can help you check a private Instagram profile secretly. However, there are other simple yet effective ways to check private Instagram profiles are there as well.

But remember to take the necessary safety precautions before viewing any profile. We hope this guide has given you insights on how to view personal Instagram profiles quickly. So, pick anyway and start following your favorite people.

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