How to choose the right antique jewelry?


What else can you do when the wardrobe is full of things of status brands? In order not just to look fashionable and stylish, but to distinguish yourself from others, you need to have a couple of antique jewelry. Antique jewelry can immerse us in the appropriate era with its inherent style: Empire, Art Deco antique jewelry, modern, Baroque, classicism and so on. These styles are also successfully played by modern designers, but jewelry with a history is especially appreciated.

How to distinguish antique jewelry from fakes? The main difference between an old brooch and a second-hand one is in the recognizability of the thing. Therefore, you need to start looking from there. An antique product is considered to be aged for at least 20 years. A lot of interesting things can be found in Mom’s jewelry box. Antique Marketplace “Antiqon” can offer its customers various choices as well. You can also find a high-quality spinner fidget ring here and order it online.

How to pick-up jewelry sets as close as possible

It is very important that the main color of the stones match, the shade may slightly differ, but this will not be visible when wearing and color saturation should ideally be the same or at least in contrast. Ideally will be to combine the same metals: only silver, silver with gold or gold with gold in Double.

The shape of the cut stones should be similar: an oval with a circle or a square with a triangle. The decor of the decoration should also overlap: smooth with smooth, geometric with square, for example. Discover affordable elegance with your choice of watch. Visit Affordable Elegance – The Journey of Stauer Watches in the World of Timepieces

How to choose antique brooch

One of the most popular jewelry for a woman will be an antique brooch. The accessory emphasizes the individuality of the image. In order for the product to be perfectly suitable for the style of clothing, you need to look not only at the color and shape, but also the features that confirm the antiquity of the jewelry, such as its age, material or belonging to some famous historical person.

historical person


Some tips will help you choose the perfect jewelry that you want to wear every day:

The most common mistake that ladies make when choosing jewelry is following fashion. No need to choose things like in the picture, like everyone else. What glitters perfectly on the model may not look and will not fit. You never need to choose and evaluate a piece of antique jewelry by its value. This is another common mistake. A thing can cost fabulous money, but look tasteless or cheap. From simple leaves, you can make real jewelry. Antique brooch, antique ring jewelry or antique jewelry box can be made of precious or democratic semi-precious stones and materials. The main thing is that the design and combination of materials should be unusual.

High cost is not a guarantee of beauty. Antiques that are aimed at decoration should not be made of precious stones and gold. The design may be original, or a combination of unusual materials. This is what you should look at when buying.

Don’t believe the photos. If possible, it is better to come to the store in person to try on jewelry. Photographs often distort reality. Some sellers may show the quality side of the product, and leave the scuffs on the other side of the frame.

Trust your feelings. Since the antique brooch will always be with you, you need to find your item. Having tried several options, you will understand exactly which one will be yours.

Antique jewelry will harmoniously complement the casual, classic and versatile style of clothing. For example, a massive antique brooch. it will be a beautiful accessory on an autumn – spring coat or stole.

autumn spring coat or stole

Do not be afraid to experiment, any antique thing is in itself a means of expressing individuality. Follow the trends and create your own, for example, today it is fashionable to wear antique brooches on the collar of a shirt, and it is worth admitting that it looks great!

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