How to Find a Cannabis Dispensary You Can Trust in New York


Choosing the right cannabis dispensary is important to ensure you can meet your needs and preferences. Consuming cannabis is a personal choice, and you should always purchase it from a place you can trust.

With cannabis recently becoming legal in a number of states, more and more dispensaries have appeared. While it’s great to have lots of choices, this can make it difficult to choose the best dispensary for your needs.

Below, we’ve covered some important things to consider when you’re trying to find a cannabis dispensary you can trust.


Many cannabis dispensaries pride themselves on promoting an inclusive, welcoming, and non-judgmental culture. By choosing one of these dispensaries, you can immerse yourself in a positive community that enables you to feel comfortable in your choices.


You can order cannabis from online dispensaries through the internet on your iPhone nowadays. However, if, like many others, you prefer to purchase your cannabis in person, you’ll need to consider the location of your chosen dispensary.

It’s best to choose a dispensary that’s nearby if you think you’ll be purchasing cannabis regularly. For example, NYC BUD Manhattan, NY, is a great choice if you live in Long Island City, and they are opening soon on Vernon Boulevard.


To legally sell cannabis, dispensaries need to hold the relevant license. To find a trusted and credible cannabis distributor, it’s best to check the licenses that each dispensary holds.

The exact licensing requirements of cannabis dispensaries vary from state to state, so you might want to check your local authority’s website for accurate licensing information. Knowing the cannabis usage laws in your state of residence is also helpful so you can consume this drug in line with the law.

Most dispensaries display their licenses clearly on their website. However, if you’re unsure and cannot find this information, contact each dispensary directly to verify their legal licenses to ensure they are operating legally.

Feedback and Reviews

A trusted cannabis dispensary will have several positive reviews reiterating its high product quality and great customer service. It will have built a strong reputation in the community for people who are legitimate and trustworthy, and it’s important to consider this when you’re choosing which cannabis dispensary to purchase from.

Take a look at each of your local dispensary’s websites to see their product reviews and learn what previous customers liked and didn’t like about them. Check third-party websites as well so you can gain an unbiased viewpoint of each dispensary.

Product Selection

Every cannabis dispensary will offer a unique range of products, and you should always consider this before purchasing from one of your local dispensaries. A trusted and well-established dispensary will sell a range of high-quality products that they are fully licensed to sell to consumers.

Assess the variety and quality of the product selection offered by a particular dispensary. Check whether they sell the products you want and have various strains of cannabis to choose from in a range of consumption options, such as cannabis edibles, joints, and concentrates.

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