How To Get A Lawyer On Retainer In Saskatoon, Canada


Legal issues must need a professional lawyer because general people do not possess that much knowledge about legal things that a lawyer easily handles. It is a common conception among people that lawyers cost a lot, but lawyers on retainers are very cost-effective. They provide you the best service at an affordable payment.

However, before that, you have to know how to get a lawyer on retainer. First, let’s know what a lawyer retainer is.

What Is A Lawyer Retainer?

A lawyer retainer is a lawyer whom you have to pay before your case starts. A lawyer has the opportunity to demand his fees in several ways, such as flat fee, retainer fee, and so on. If you hire a lawyer to handle your case in the court from first to last, you can hire them on retainer. 

Retainer lawyers, on the other hand, start their work after getting their payments in his account. He might claim for a big amount because he will pay your case’s entire cost, including his fees with this money. If some money remains after the case being dismissed, the retainer lawyer will refund them in your account.

How to Get A Lawyer on Retainer?

If you are planning to start a new business, it is better to hire a professional business lawyer first. If you wait for the moment to raise a legal issue to hire a lawyer, it would be hazardous for you and your company. 

Lawyer cost is mostly expensive, but if you hire a lawyer on retainer, it will assure you to make your work done in a budget-friendly payment. In case of hiring a lawyer on retainer, you have to pay first for the entire legal procedures, including the lawyer fees. 

So you have a chance to get aware of the issue that you are paying how much. You do not have to pay more for any issues. Not only business cases, but all other cases also can have a retainer lawyer.

If you pay more for your case, there is every possibility to get back the remaining money once the case has been finished. Remember that when you hire a lawyer on retainer, make an agreement about all the issues and payments for the entire case procedures. 

How Retainer Works

The answer to how retainer works might need a proper example to understand the whole process. 

Suppose you have paid your retainer lawyer an amount of money. The amount might be $5000 to sort out a legal issue on contract. After getting the payment, your lawyer would look into all the relevant written documents, research works, letters, and your case’s updates every 10 to 15 minutes.

All the expenses for these periods and works will be deducted from the retainer account. That means the money you have given to the retainer, he will pay for all procedures from that amount. 

In case your lawsuit lasts for several months or years, your retainer would provide you an update of the monthly expenditure. If the costs are more than the paid amount, you might need to pay more to the retainer. 

Again, if the costs are less than the paid amount, the retainer would return you the remaining amount. The payment process is carried out depending upon the retainer agreement.

Retainer Agreement 

A retainer agreement is a deal signed between you and your retainer lawyer. The agreement provides a clear understanding of the entire payment and fee details for the case. It is a mandatory thing when you are hiring a lawyer on a retainer. Retainer agreement also includes-

  • Lawyer rates per hour.
  • All the fees and the sectors where the fees will be paid
  • A framework of how the lawyer will work for your case
  • The condition that you might need to pay for additional expenses 
  • The condition that the lawyer would refund you the remaining balance
  • A chart for additional expenses. That means in which sectors additional expenses might need, for example, court fee, documentation fee, etc. It also involves a lawyer fee. 


Finally, it is clear to you how to get a lawyer on retainer. If you have any legal issues, you can easily hire a lawyer based on retainer payment. It will cost you less but benefit you more. 

Make sure you prepare a clear cut retainer agreement with all details while hiring a lawyer. It will save you from future problems among you and the lawyer.

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