How To Identify The Worst Insurance Companies For Paying Claims in Canada?


You often seek help from insurance companies for financial coverage in the event of specific incidents. They may help you in many unfortunate situations. For instance, due to motorcycle accident, you will pay for the damages through auto insurance with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

This is usually the plan you make and the main purpose of keeping your faith in insurance companies. However, if you think of yourself as an insurance company, paying claims to your clients is rather a loss.

Like every other organization, insurance companies strive to make money. Paying out claims is a loss. Hence, this stands as an encouragement for insurance companies to engage in bad practices by making delays in paying out claims. Now how to identify the worst insurance companies for paying claims in Canada? 

How To Determine The Worst Insurance Companies For Paying Claims?

A lawyer usually helps you determine an insurance company which will ease your financial payment crisis during unfortunate events. Here is where it is important to spot insurance companies who would rather waste your time delaying your claims than paying them out.

There are some common and popular tactics used by these companies. We are going to walk you through those so that you can stay wary of those.

Time To Pay-Off

You must be wondering why delay claims when they have to make them anyway? Well, there are plenty of advantages to the insurance company of delaying claims. When you need money, the amount of time it takes for you to receive the cash to pay off is indeed crucial.

The more time it takes, the more anxious you get to receive whatever you get. This means by delaying your claims, and insurance companies can make you settle for a much lesser amount than what you rightfully deserve.

After being in any kind of covered accident or incident, the financial obligations and pressures start to mount heavily. This creates desperation in the policyholder to get rid of their obligations as soon as possible.

This is where the worst insurance companies play their part to take advantage of your desperation. Stay alert to these companies who are delaying your claims. Delaying means the insurance company is most likely looking to reduce the settlement amount.

Interest or Revenue

Another good reason for an insurance company to delay your claim is to obtain more interest revenues. If you did not know this, an insurance company invests the premiums paid by the policyholders to earn an interest in it.

Therefore the more time the insurance company takes to pay off your claims, the more interest revenues it can generate. This is one of the important reasons why most of the worst insurance companies delay your payments.

Some of the important tactics to identify the worst insurance companies are the forms of delaying. There are different forms of delaying method an insurance company can undertake. 

Some of these include unreasonably delaying your claims, weak processing of claims leading to delay, delay in communications regarding the submission of claims.

In addition to all this, the worst of all this is the misinterpretation and distortion of different aspects of a claim. This is to motivate or encourage the client to drop the claim due to the claim’s delayed proceeding. It also pushes clients to settle for low offers.

What measures to take to avoid the worst insurance companies? 

There are numerous ways to protect yourself from the worst insurance companies’ bad faith when it comes to claims. The most common method would be to do your research. Yes! Just utilize your precious time to research an insurance company you are about to sign an offer with. 

Make sure you are choosing the right one to ease your financial burden. The common thing to look for when identifying the worst insurance company is to check whether the company has any records of lawsuits regarding bad practices.

If yes, ask questions. Make sure you clear the smoke before you enter any purchasing policy. However, if you find anything suspicious about the company that makes you question your choice, it’s better to switch to another with less risky behavior.

Usually, a lawyer comes off as a great asset when it comes to these. An experienced lawyer such as, airdrie lawyer can help you out by identifying companies with better records. He or she can even suggest to you the best possible move to make in such situations.

Also, the best part of having a lawyer is the increased probability of you recovering your rightfully deserved claim from a bad insurance company. A good lawyer is the only best friend you need during such situations.


Life is full of uncertainty. Hence, save yourself from more troubles with companies that are supposed to make things easier for you and not tougher. Insurance companies, often supported by a licensed money lender in Singapore, are your best options to cover your finances during distressful situations.

However, you must understand that not everyone seeks to give you the best service. Some companies are just about profits more than ensuring your welfare. Stay wary of those.

Read this article thoroughly to be able to determine the worst companies for paying claims in Canada successfully. Do your research, hire the best help, and stay alert!

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