How to Keep Up With Maintenance On Your Range Hood


That range hood sitting at the center of your kitchen may look like a decor piece, but it is more than that. It keeps the kitchen fresh and clean without all the fumes and grease generated while cooking. The kitchen would be unbearable if the range hood stopped working. How then do you keep the range hood functional?

Good range hoods are designed to be durable. However, how long the hood stays functional depends on how well you take care of it. Below are a few maintenance tricks that will help you keep that beautiful range hood working as expected.

1. Keep the Insides of the Range Hood Clean

Cleaning the insides of your range hood regularly ensures that there is no buildup of grease and other materials in the exhaust duct. You can remove the range hood insert fan and the filters to do a proper cleanup.

Once you maintain a good cleansing routine, your kitchen will always have excellent ventilation, and the range hood will stay functional for a reasonable period. You could do the cleaning yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. Whichever method you choose, ensure the insides of your range hood are cleaned at least twice a year.

2. Replace the Range Hood Insert Fan and Other Parts

You will not know when your range hood insert fan, liner, blower, or carbon filter need replacement if you do not do regular checkups. The best maintenance for your range hood is to schedule routine inspections by a professional to know which parts might stop working soon.

Replacing crucial parts on time ensures that you keep your kitchen ventilated at all times without sudden breakdowns of your kitchen ventilation system. It also saves you the time and money to replace the entire range hood.

3. Keep the Grease Filter Clean

The grease filter is at the forefront of every gas, liquid, or particle leaving your kitchen. Therefore, it gets covered in grease and other forms of dirt faster than any other part of the range hood. A dirty grease filter will affect all other range hood parts, including the hood insert fan.

It is essential to remove it once in a while and either handwash or throw it in the dishwasher. It takes hot water to remove grease. Ensure that you do a thorough job of generally keeping your grease filter working.

4. Use the Right Range Hood Settings When Cooking

You do not need to use the highest setting when making a meal that does not produce a lot of greases. That will only wear out the motor, which will affect the range hood’s performance over time. The range hood insert fan needs only to work when required to maintain its high performance. Using the range hood appropriately is one of the best maintenance tips.


Your range hood needs a lot of care to serve you for as long as possible. Do regular checkups and clean it often to maintain its functionality. You can change up the range hood insert fan or the liners if you feel they are worn out to keep the hood in good shape.




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