How to Make the Most of Your Small Bedroom


A room doesn’t need to have high ceilings or a lot of space to feel luxurious. In fact, small bedrooms generally have a cosier, more natural feel, which can help make the area feel more soothing and personal. The key is to organise little bedroom furniture and accessories that are useful and attractive to the eye. While you don’t want to sacrifice style, you also don’t want to be stumbling over furniture legs or hitting your dresser every morning. To ensure that a small bedroom layout, furnishings, storage solutions, and design choices meet all of your demands, you’ll need to get creative with your tiny bedroom. The elements must combine to create a comfortable, orderly retreat with the correct pieces in the right places.¬†

Below are some recommendations on how to decorate a tiny bedroom that can help you utilise the space you have and make it feel much bigger than it is:


Decluttering is the first step in organising a small bedroom. First, remove everything that doesn’t belong, then go over what’s left and pare it down. Next, take inventory of what you’re keeping in your room that can be placed somewhere else. For example, photo albums and other keepsakes for nostalgic reasons could be stored in another room of your house, freeing valuable space in your bedroom.

Max out your closet

The more you can keep in your closets, the less you’ll have to store in your main bedroom, making it appear larger. And contrary to popular belief, gaining more storage space from your closet is not impossible. You can achieve this by considering floor storage, double-hang bars, closet wall hooks, built-in wardrobes, and other options.

Consider how the room functions

To make the most of a tiny room, you must first determine how you intend to use it. Of course, sleeping is a certainty, but the room might also be used as a home office or a space to get ready in the morning. You’ll probably need to get inventive bedroom furniture setups to accommodate diverse functions. For example, you might place the desk against the wall next to your bed and use it as a nightstand. Relocate your dresser to the closet to free up floor space in the bedroom.

Reduce bedroom furniture 

When arranging a tiny bedroom, choose furniture with sleek profiles and reduced visual weight. If you don’t need a queen-size bed, a full-size bed will open up floor space. In addition, you can choose bed frames and bedside tables with simple lines to create a more open design and install slender built-in bookcases on the wall instead of a large upright bookcase for storage.

Keep the layout open

It may be tempting to purchase an enormous bed to create a luxurious refuge. However, doing so in a tiny room can make it feel claustrophobic. Alternatively, a bed frame with a simple design won’t overwhelm the space, like an iron bed with a see-through headrest. Finally, a mattress without a footboard, such as a platform or storage, works well. This keeps the room’s centre open, making it appear larger.

Final thoughts

Having a small bedroom can be frustrating sometimes, but you can maximise your space by following these easy tips.

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