How To Protect Your Car In Winter


Winter is here, and we decided to remind car owners (one more time) how crucial it is to prepare a vehicle for winter and what measures need to be taken so that your car will please you as long as possible.

The cold season is stressful not only for people but for our cars as well. In winter, the vehicle is operated in harder and sometimes even in extreme conditions. Absolutely all parts of the vehicle suffer — from the wheels and electronics to the engine and body. Therefore, the risk of accidents and breakdowns increases significantly. To avoid trouble, experienced drivers prepare their cars for winter in advance.

This article will tell you how to prepare your auto for the cold if you haven’t already done that.

Paint protection

At different times of the year, the car paintwork resists various external aggressive influences. In summer — the scorching sun and UV, and in winter — de-icing reagents and temperature changes. Certainly, manufacturers of paints and varnishes strive to protect the car body from all these factors as much as possible. But this protection is far from always enough.

That is why you should pay close attention to paint protection and always use professional car repairing services. There are various types of paint protection, but we recommend you use only the best ones from proven service centers, such as those used to protect luxury cars.

If we look at expensive sports cars in the UAE, everyone there tries to use paint protection film Dubai from car workshops to protect their lux cars from the hot sun and sand. Therefore, the paint protection film, in our opinion, is the only type of protection that can keep your car safe from aggressive chemicals and from mechanical influences (scratches, abrasions, etc.). Modern protective films work quite well and you won’t do car body repair for up to 10 years, but such car service is expensive.

car going through car wash

Car wash

Many car owners consider it unnecessary to wash their cars in winter. However, hygiene procedures remain the main way to prevent premature aging of the body. Adhering dirt and reagent residues penetrate into the smallest cracks and scratches, accelerating the spread of corrosion.

Observe these car wash rules to make your car operate as long as possible:

  • don’t use hot water, as the temperature difference between water and the environment can cause cracks;
  • always pay special attention during the washing process to the fender liner;
  • ask about the products used before washing because of the difference in the nature of winter and summer pollution. In summer, it’s necessary to remove insects, dust, and tree buds. In winter, the car shampoo should clean salts and road chemicals;
  • the body must be wiped dry after washing;
  • door locks and rubber seals can be self-treated with silicone grease, as moisture can make it difficult to open the doors.

The recommended period for visiting a car wash in winter is the thaw days, as well as after heavy snowfalls when the car body is most actively exposed to salt and road reagents.

adding air to tires


It’s strictly forbidden to drive on summer tires in winter, as the car turns out to be uncontrollable. Summer tires quickly lose traction, which leads to a loss of control and maneuverability. You can lose control, and the length of the car braking distance increases by 2-3 times.

Winter models are specially designed for operation at temperatures below zero degrees and on ‘difficult’ surfaces: snow, ice, and slush. For better grip, some tires have stubs. With external similarity, winter tires differ significantly from summer ones in a number of other parameters.

That is why experts recommend changing tires in advance without waiting for frost and risking the creation of an emergency on the roads. Before changing a tire, check it for cracks, wear, and stud residue to make sure it is ready for the season. If there are any difficulties, you can always contact a car service, and ask specialists for help.

Summing up

Preparing your car for winter is a must. Otherwise, you risk not the technical condition of your car only, but your health as well. Prepare your auto for winter in advance, and you will save yourself from the waste of time, effort, and money.

We wish you the best of luck, be always ready for winter, use car hacks, and stay safe!

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