How to Rank YouTube Videos on Top of Results – 3 Effective Strategies


Ranking a YouTube video is alone a tough and time-consuming task. Some people complain that they followed all the proper steps from making a video to uploading it, but still, they were unable to rank it.

If SEO is good, titles are engaging, thumbnails are attractive, and descriptions also grab the attention in a single glance, where does the problem lie?

Please keep reading to find three effective strategies to rank your YouTube video on the first page of both YouTube and Google Search.

The Effective Strategies

As a new YouTuber striving hard to earn a place among the top guys in the business, you might have Googled “how to rank my YouTube Video,” and you got the same results, no matter what type of keywords you use to type in the search bar.

The answers to your problem shown by Google will be something like using your keyword in titles, using tags and making more videos, etc. This kind of advice might have been performed in the past, but it does not work now. Or, let’s say is not enough. Many factors come into play and more effective strategies exist to achieve the top YouTube ranking that many dream of.

So, in this article we will see some strategies that will help you rank your YouTube video for the keywords you are targeting. And no, we will not talk once again about the usual advice regarding title and description, which you are already aware of.

Earn more Clicks

Youtube views promotion provider favors the videos which get more clicks, and it takes them to the top of search results. Now, the problem is how do you get more clicks without using clickbait. It would help to use brackets and parenthesis in your titles to provide a sneak preview of what is in the video to your audience. Also, when you start getting clicks, the YouTube algorithm starts noticing you.

So, a common title like, “How to make a sandwich?” will become “How to make a sandwich (3 new methods)”. Yes, a bit like we did with this article.

Also, keep in mind that by clicks we mean CTR, which is the percentage of clicks that your video gets compared to impressions. You probably heard about CTR before, but when it comes to YouTube search ranking, CTR is the most important factor.

And the best way to increase it, is by having a unique title, a great thumbnail and…a great video.

Yes, because along with CTR, another important component is the “Last click”, meaning that after watching your video from the search query, the user will not go back to watch new ones. This proves that the user is satisfied about the result and YouTube will move up the video in the rankings.

And, here is a special trick for you. Using ranking services that boost CTR and last click, might be surprisingly effective and make ranking a YouTube video a matter of days. You may try for instance Lenostube’s solutions to improve your video’s ranking. We did try and, oh boy, the results were beyond expectations.

Speak to your audience (the engagements)

It would be best to remember that the most important people for you are your viewers. This strategy focuses on likes, comments, questions, subscribes, and shares. For instance, at the start of your video, speak about the problem and the solution in the first 15 seconds.

After that, engage with your audience with something polite and catchy.

Similarly, it has become common to ask for subscribing TOO EARLY IN THE VIDEO, which seems too needy. Of course, you need to ask them to subscribe but do that in between or at the end of the video.

Or you can use a psychological trick which goes something like this, “subscribe later but for now, focus on the problem. It is crucial.” So, when a viewer hears something like this, they think, “oh, he is a nice guy; I want to hear more from him in the future” So, you got yourself a new subscriber.

More engagements to your channel mean a higher ranking per YouTube’s latest ranking formula, which takes into account both engagement and subscribers conversion as a ranking metric.

People love to give their opinion, but they hate to think

And here is another strategy to help you achieve great ranking. This strategy also focuses on getting more engagements from your viewers. YouTube itself has stated that the videos are ranked partially based on the number of engagements.

So, let’s skip the chit chat and try to implement this strategy with an example.

The best way to engage someone is through a question. Also, it would be best if you asked something like multiple choice questions because people don’t want to think about it. Also, don’t forget that people love to give their opinion, and when you present them with 4 possible answers, they are most likely to comment.

And, help your video’s ranking. A simple yet effective strategy you have to try.


There is so much diversity and content on YouTube that you cannot hope to use some dashing keywords and expect to rank on the top. YouTube and Google are becoming intelligent each day, and so are their ranking formulae.

The best strategy is getting the up the clicks (CTR and last click), comments, shares, etc. – also known as the engagement signals. The more people poke around your video, the more the clicks, the more your video steps higher in rank.


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