How To Secure Your Jeep for Rough Terrain


Jeeps are synonymous with tough, durable vehicles that are capable of driving efficiently both on and off-road. Jeep owners know, though, that for seriously tough terrain, modifications must be made to protect the vehicle and keep the occupants safe. There are several ways that you can secure your Jeep for your next off-road adventure.

Upgraded Tires

A good set of off-road tires can be the difference between staying on the road and veering out of control. This style of tire features deep treads that provide better traction on unpaved surfaces. As the name implies, these tires are excellent for driving on loose dirt, sand, mud or gravel. Because of their deep, wide grooves, the tread is able to sink into a soft surface and create grip, which leads to momentum. This is what prevents you from getting stuck.

For winter driving that features snowy and icy surfaces, you’ll want a set of tires that are rated for freezing temperatures. Tires are so advanced these days that the rubber in snow tires is designed to remain pliable, while that in off-road or mud tires loses its integrity and gripping ability.

Emergency Winches

When you install a winch for Jeep, you’re applying a dynamic piece of equipment that acts as a failsafe for those times when you’ve gone off the road or had some kind of engine failure. Today’s Jeeps can weigh over 5,000 pounds. You don’t want a rope or chain attempting to handle such weight because both are capable of breaking under the strain and neither promises the same level of torque and power that a winch provides. Remember that control is the key word when it comes to pulling a heavy vehicle back into a stable position.

Suspension Lift Kit

Lift kits provide the ability to ride high in the cab, which increases the driver’s visibility. A suspension lift kit actually alters the chassis, though, and raises the ground clearance level of the vehicle. In addition to these modifications, installing a 4runner front bumper can provide essential front-end protection and enhance the vehicle’s ability to navigate challenging off-road landscapes with confidence. This helps prevent damage to the Jeep’s undercarriage. Most Jeep owners will tell you that, probably even more than the choice of tire, the suspension lift kit is one of the most important modifications, which speaks to the importance of higher ground clearance.

Ground clearance is a determining factor for the types of trails that a Jeep can tackle. Experts say that you should have between 8.8 and 10.8 inches of ground clearance to drive safely in most off-road scenarios. However, if you’re going to be climbing boulders or bouncing around in an otherwise off-kilter landscape, get to know your approach angles so that you don’t cause serious damage to your undercarriage.

When a Jeep rolls off the lot, it is immediately recognized as a reliable vehicle that combines comfort and durability, with the potential for taking on the most rugged terrain. After it has been modified, that potential has been realized. Whether you’re upgrading to 8×6.5 wheels, installing a suspension lift kit or a grille guard, the steps you take to prepare your Jeep for off-roading will go a long way toward keeping you safe and on the trail. Visit an auto parts store today to get the parts and accessories that can best secure your Jeep for tomorrow’s driving adventures.

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