How to Use Wood Look Tiles in Different Spaces?


Wood-look tiles are an excellent rendition of a feel-good environment. Fitting your house with wood look porcelain tiles makes the space more lively, gorgeous and elegant. It brings out the humbleness of the surrounding. The aesthetic feel of wood-look tiles on the floor, maybe a fireplace in the living room, or the kitchen will make it more inviting and calming to the eye. A classy feel oozes throughout the household.

A Kitchen for Time Eternal

One of the best places to decorate with wood look tile is in the kitchen. As it is a place where water, condiments and other elements tend to spill, porcelain tiles are the best option. The floor mainly can be corporated with pine look tiles. It will uphold the kitchen to a rustic atmosphere. Surrounding it with wall cabinets of matching colour combination will make it more inviting. If you want to put another aesthetic feel, fix a couple of the wood look tiles in the sink area. Or you can incorporate the identical colour slabs of porcelain tiles. It will add variety to the kitchen. The easy to clean nature of porcelain tiles will go a long way.

Elegant Living Room

Walking into your living room with an oak or cherry wood look tile has a sense of calmness. The surrounding furniture gets compliments because of the tiles that they lay on. Put a twist and cut the tiles into different shapes to bring a different flayer of design. As porcelain tiles are highly customizable, you can always choose various tiles and mix them on the floor. If you are thinking of bringing the aesthetic to the walls, decorate the fireplace with wood-like porcelain tiles. It will add another level of elegance to the already stylish living room.

Soothing Bathroom Look

Having the feel of nature in the shower is always a good decision. You can decorate the walls with aged wood look porcelain tiles to give it the outlook of a sauna. You can find the best thermory saunas here. Every time you walk in, you will have the feel of a cabin house in the woods. Or a sauna in the winter snow. A complementary basin with a solid colour cabinet will raise anyone’s mood another notch. As the porcelain tile is easy to clean, it is a good fit for a wet place like a bathroom. You can choose from various patterns to put the extra grip on the wet floors.

The Sunshine outside

Your patio is an excellent place to have evening tea. You can always put a rustic feel to the space with a few chairs or sofas. And surround the flooring in wood-like porcelain tiles. It is an excellent addition to the house. The easy to fit porcelain tiles and durability will last you a lifetime.There is a wide variety of options with unique textures. The wood-look porcelain tiles have different wood form, pattern and sizes. You can also incorporate different designs and colours according to your liking.

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