In the United States, not all lawyers have the right to prosecute client cases


Not all lawyers are qualified to work with clients. In the United States, there is a monopoly on legal activity. It can be done by a person with training, education, experience.

In addition, not every lawyer can represent the interests of others in court. Only allowed are allowed to do that. So there’s actually a difference between lawyers and attorneys. To get the status, you need to get a university accredited by the American Bar Association, pass an exam, and, if required by law, constantly improve your qualifications.

If a lawyer who does not have the status of an attorney will nevertheless accuse him of illegal work in the legal profession.

The power of attorney can only be revoked through a court

A lawyer in America can lose his status if he shows unprofessional behavior. For example, if he steals from his client or informs the court of knowingly false information.

Let me give you an example. International law firms have a dedicated escrow account to which clients make an advance payment. From it, the lawyer’s remuneration is subsequently paid and overhead costs are compensated. If a lawyer takes this money ahead of time, before he finishes the case and achieves a result, or without the client’s permission, then not only will he automatically lose his status, but will also be recognized as a criminal. We had one similar case with a very famous lawyer. So, now he is in prison and will spend a lot of time there.

The basis for deprivation of a lawyer’s status can also be a complaint from clients. The association itself can initiate deprivation of status, for example, through publications in the media. The Association starts an investigation and, if there is a case, sends the materials to the Supreme Court, which decides whether or not to deprive the lawyer of the status.

Courts for legal cases

A judge once stripped of his mantle will never get it again

The rights of lawyers (or citizens) are infringed upon by the judges, then for the servants of Themis they are given up to powers. How this procedure is carried out depends on the judicial system in which the judge works. The United States has two different judicial systems. One at the state level, the other at the federal level. Each has a different procedural law.

Each state decides for itself what disciplinary action and how to apply to judges. There is a judicial and disciplinary commission that investigates complaints and can issue a warning, and can also remove a judge from office. Deprivation of a judge to elect for an unlimited period.

At the federal level, as judges are appointed for life. This is only possible if the judge has committed any crime.

By the way, the US judiciary is also interested in having a strong lawyers’ association. Only a lawyers’ association is able to defend judges, since they themselves are not in a position to defend.

Do Lawyers Need Offices Anymore?

Recently I have traveled a lot in different countries. I always meet with lawyers and law students. And I tell them one thing: “our profession will soon become a single world profession.” Thanks to new Internet technologies, lawyers from different countries can exchange experience online.

The Internet is increasingly included in the work of lawyers; now a company employee can work from anywhere in the world. Today he is in one country, tomorrow in another state, but at the same time he remains an active person in one law firm.

Now the office is only needed to hold personal meetings with clients.

The American Bar Association has two goals

The work of the American Bar Association, in my opinion, boils down to two goals: to improve the quality of legal education and the global code of professional ethics.

The Association includes the Ethics-2020 Commission. It creates a set of ethical standards that can help lawyers around the world. It is important that every lawyer can participate in the discussion of the code.

10% of the time is unpaid work

In the United States, it used to be forbidden to sue others. For example, if I asked for help, but I do not have the money to go to court, I could not ask you on my behalf and receive compensation.

Now this issue has been resolved: legal services for those who are not able to pay for the services of a lawyer are provided by the public organization Legal Service Incorporation.

Also, in our association it has been established that lawyers should devote 10 percent of their time to unpaid work, protecting the interests of those who do not have the means. We are doing everything to ensure that the legal system in the United States is better, so that we can say that the king in America is a right. This is the highest compliment, cat

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