In What Order Should You Remodel A Kitchen?


Are you planning to change your kitchen? Then before you go towards tearing down walls, you need to plan for the remodel. You can search online or go through magazines for remodeling ideas. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the kitchen should suit the style and design of your house.

A modern kitchen will not look good in a traditional household. In order to ensure the utmost efficiency, you need to follow the right order. You can save a lot of time and money by doing the remodeling in the correct order. So here is the step you should take.


The first thing you need to do is to demolish outdated things. You can tear down things you don’t want to keep anymore. If you want to save money, you can do this step yourself. You should be careful of the pipes and plumbing when tearing down your kitchen.

Rough-in work

After space is cleared, the rough-in work is next. This includes plumbing, framing, and electrical work. If everything needs to be changed, then this step will be time-consuming. So you should hire professionals for this job.

Rough-in inspection

Next, you need to get your work inspected by professionals. You may need to schedule an appointment. If you have done everything correctly, then you can easily get to the next step. But if your inspection fails, then you can correct your mistake and get reinspected. Professional and licensed contractors know how to manage rough-in work and inspection themselves.

Complete the walls

After you get approved, the next step is to complete the walls. This includes hanging, taping, and finishing the drywall. Remember to coat the drywall with primer. The primer will seal and cover the wall, thus protecting it against damage.

Set up doors and windows

If you are changing the structure, then you need to properly install the sliding doors and windows. Make sure that you seal the windows and doors properly. This will help in cutting down energy costs. Also, install the trim so that cabinets can be properly installed, preventing gaps.

Install cabinets and fixtures

Next comes the installation of cabinets. Put the wall cabinets before you install the bottom cabinets. Now is the time to install sinks, fixtures, faucets, and countertops. At Victoria Plum, you can see the best colors and models for cabinets and fixtures.

Install the new appliances

Now it’s time to install the new appliances you have purchased. Appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, water filtration unit, etc., all need to be put in at this step. Keep a checklist of tasks so that you do not miss out on anything and do everything in order.

Put the new floor

And finally, the last step is to install the floor. Choose the color and design of the floor that suits your needs and wants. There are so many options in the market, so you can get the one that fits best with your kitchen style.


You should plan the design with a designer as they may be able to draw the new kitchen to scale. And before you start, buy all the materials, fixtures, lighting, flooring, tiles, and more so that it is easier to bring everything together. Also, if you want to hire contractors, and then get estimates from various contractors before you decide on one.

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